Month: May 2020

Let’s do cloud computing!

With the potential of cloud computing, the largest organizations in the world are taking notice, providing plenty of opportunity for cloud computing professionals. Here at NashTech – home of IT talent coming from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and cultures, you will have the chance to learn different ways of thinking and working… Read more »

NashTech makes its name as Top 50 Best Employers of Choice

At the ceremony on 7th May 2020, NashTech was honoured as one of the Best Employers of Choice in Vietnam. This is the result of a survey conducted by more than 25,000 students of 93 top universities nationwide.   The award presented to us by Anphabe JSC. It marks a milestone for our Employer Value Proposition of NashTech Vietnam and we are very proud to be so well respected by students across the country.  NashTech is on a journey to become the happiest place to work for dedicated senior employees and the younger members of… Read more »

The untold stories of two Software Engineers

Throughout almost two decades in Vietnam, NashTech has always striven to become a go-to destination and nurture the growth of thousands of employees. Because for us, our Talent are extremely important and they are our most valuable assets. With this motto, NashTech organizes an annual award, titled ‘Employee Of The Year’, to express our gratitude… Read more »

The inspirational journey of Tri Nguyen

The most important asset of NashTech isn’t the products we create or the service we provide. It’s the employees that clock in and out of work every day. One way that NashTech expresses our gratitude is by holding an annual ceremony called ‘Employee Of The Year’. Three Nashers have made their name in ‘Project Manager of The Year’ category.   This week, let’s get to know Tri Nguyen and his journey at NashTech.  Tri Nguyen joined NashTech in November 2012 as a Senior Quality Control Engineer. At the end of 2015, he became Team Leader for the project of a large… Read more »

How to write an impressive CV

At NashTech we receive many CVs every year. Your CV – Curriculum Vitae is just like a golden key that leads to your future career. That’s why it is worth spending time to make it as perfect as it can be. To really stand out from the crowd you must have a professional CV and this can take some seriously good writing skills. Creating an impressive CV may be more complex than you… Read more »