Month: June 2020

How do Nashers make work-life balance work?

After stressful working hours and chasing deadlines, it is a good time to relieve stress, meet other colleagues, and get to know each other. Understanding this, at NashTech, there are a wide range of activities for Nashers to choose from and make the best out of their journey at the company! Sport One of the… Read more »

Out of adversity comes opportunity – an inspiring sharing from Vinh Tran

Today, we are continuing our series featuring Employee of the Year winners. This award is held annually to honour individuals who demonstrate a high level of competence and innovation in project management. We have met Tri Nguyen and Tu Diep in the previous articles, now, let’s get to know Vinh Tran – one of the… Read more »

A solidarity spirit of Tu Diep – Project Manager of the Year

Every year, to recognize and reward exemplary employees, NashTech holds an annual award, titled “Employee of the Year”, which is evaluated based on both performance and specific contributions to the mission, goal, values, and plan. In the last article, we have explored the inspirational journey of Tri Nguyen, one out of six outstanding project managers… Read more »

Microsoft Build 2020: The next phase of .NET – Sharing from a panel featuring Thang Chung, NashTech Senior Solution Architect

Microsoft’s annual developer conference; Microsoft Build 2020 took place over 48 hours from the 19th to 21st May. This conference is eagerly anticipated every year across the globe and is covered by the likes of CNBC, BBC and Forbes Magazine. The event was live-streamed for the first time rather than taking place like it normally does in… Read more »

NashTech successfully renews Gold partnership with Microsoft for 6 competencies

NashTech is delighted to announce that we have further strengthened the collaboration with Microsoft by successfully renewing as a Gold Partner – the highest possible form of partner program. This year, in addition to maintaining this valuable title for 6 competencies, NashTech also added one new category to the partnership, which is Gold Data Platform…. Read more »

6 tips to sharpen a Business Analyst’s communication skills

Communication is an important factor that helps Business Analysts share information with each other, and improve the efficiency of work. At first, talking to people may seem like a simple and natural thing to do, but communication is actually a complex process to get people understand you in the right way. Today, Ms. Ha Trinh… Read more »