Month: September 2020

Dedication doesn’t have an off-season – motivational insight from Viet Pham


At NashTech, we believe that our mission of “Delivering technology excellence” can’t be achieved without the contribution of our employees – our Nashers. To celebrate our people and their excellence, NashTech holds an annual ‘Employee of the Year’ award to recognize and express our gratitude for individuals who achieve outstanding levels of performance. In this… Read more »

What makes our day? Uncovering the typical working lives of our Nashers


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at NashTech – one of the leading IT companies in Vietnam? What does a typical working day look like here? Will it be intense or relaxing? Today, let’s explore the typical working day of several people who hold different positions at NashTech – from… Read more »

Striving for excellence through training activities at NashTech


Finding great talent is hard, but it is more challenging to keep talent engaged. At NashTech, we see learning and development of Nashers, our employees, as the key factor to the company’s success in our ‘delivering technology excellence’ mission. We continuously nurture our employees’ passion and support them by offering a variety of training courses,… Read more »