Month: October 2020

Key interpersonal skills you most certainly need to excel at work


Interpersonal skills are defined as the set of skills people own by which decide the way they communicate and interact with others. By its direct link with soft skills and emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills insinuate how one manage the relationships that they have collected over time and resolve any impending conflicts. Within the workplace context,… Read more »

When quality is not measured by how long but how well


Small talk with Toan Nguyen, Quality Assurance of the Year Operating in Vietnam for over 20 years, NashTech has always been a people-centric workplace where our Nashers are valued and appreciated. As such, the annual ‘Employee of the Year’ award is organized to recognize and show gratitude towards outstanding employees. To continue the series, let’s… Read more »

What is your career path as a Business Analyst at NashTech?


In the digital age, businesses are in high demand for organizational changes fueled by innovative, disruptive information technologies.  At NashTech, with expertise in both IT and business domains, our team of Business Analysts (BA) specialize in understanding client’s needs in the ever-changing digital landscape and helping developers transform those demands into viable technology solutions. Feeling… Read more »

An obstacle is often a stepping stone – heartfelt sharing from our two “unsung heroes of the year”


The one value that we have consistently upheld and reinforced here at NashTech, since day one, is the culture of employee recognition. NashTech believes that without the dedication of our incredible colleagues, we would not have attained such extent of growth and success. We strive to honor our employee’s ongoing achievement and contribution, both informally… Read more »

The power of asking questions


Nowadays, most of our daily tasks are executed based on asking. We ask for information, exchange ideas, request for status updates and seek support. Yet, unlike other professionals who are already trained how to be a good questioner as an essential part of their career such as journalists or investigators, in this business world, especially… Read more »

A sharp mind behind a soft appearance – Portraying the determined journey of Quyen Nguyen, Finance Director of NashTech


Are you wondering how someone with minimal experience in IT turned out to be the perfect fit and became one of the most “powerful” women in NashTech? Curious about her determination, the sharp mind behind the soft appearance? Let’s go beyond the numbers to explore the inspiring story, and determined spirit, of Ms. Quyen Nguyen,… Read more »