Month: December 2020

Discovering the story of our amicable and passionate Automation Tester of the year

nashTech-Automation Tester of the year-phucdang

A reliable and well-performed workforce is a powerful driver for the development of any organisation. Employee experience incontrovertibly reflects in the performance and engagement level of the workforce which proven to be critical to the organisation’s sustainability and growth. Acknowledging that, NashTech has created multiple platforms where our employees can raise their voice as well… Read more »

Flexibility and Adaptability: factors that define your productivity at work


Possessing a flexible mindset is highly sought-after in this ever-changing era, especially within the office setting. This skillset is widely perceived as the ability to be mentally and professionally prepared for unprecedented shifts in technology, conducts or culture while carrying out your daily tasks. Flexible employees are great assets to an organisation owing to the… Read more »

DEV Café 2020 – NashTech’s event for .NET enthusiasts

DEV Cafe 2020 - banner

The changing landscape of technology requires those who seek to stay on top of their game to constantly bolster their knowledge of the field. Technology conferences, both online and offline, are being held around the globe with the aim to keep IT workforces up to the minute on the latest innovations and freshest ideas within… Read more »