Month: January 2021

The Art of Project Management: What does it take to become successful?

How would you respond when asked to define project management or explain what a project is?  We face projects every day, both at work and at home. You might be contributing to a deliverable deadline on a new sprint release for a client at work or planning a trip with your family at home. These… Read more »

NashTech announces ‘The Rookies’, a new in-depth training program


In January 2021, NashTech is delighted to announce the launch of its new training program for freshers, titled “The Rookies”. The Rookies is an intensive training program in which attendees will acquire in-depth knowledge from technology experts and hands-on experience from global projects following world-class standards. This program is well suited for final year university… Read more »

DEV Show – NashTech’s bespoke development program for software developers.


As one of the key employer brands with respect to technology in Vietnam, NashTech is well aware of the competitive nature of the contemporary digital workforce. Tech talent segments are still highly desired and critical in many different sectors. To attract, manage and retain top talents in the field, we always seek innovative and new… Read more »