Month: February 2021

Adversity quotient – the power of resilience which drives productivity

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Studying how our brain works, why we perceive things the way we do and how to improve one’s brain functionality has always been a challenging work since the human brain possesses a highly complex mechanism. Intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ) are the two most widely known evaluations of human brain capacity in which… Read more »

Growth and comfort do not coexist – Explore the stories of our Support Analyst of the Year


People are the greatest asset of any organisation. It is with the determination and dedication of our people that enables our business growth, creates long-term value and contributes to society. At NashTech, we believe in the limitless potential of our talents and their capabilities to bring success. In celebration of the outstanding achievement and significant… Read more »

How to embrace cultural diversity in the workplace?

cultural difference management skills

The trend of cultural difference management Business are becoming increasingly global, and cultural difference has become an issue that people face daily. While diversity may lead to fantastic outcomes, misunderstandings and conflicts still exist everyday around the world as people may lack awareness of cultural differences. But instead of running away from this problem, it… Read more »

Tough situations build strong people – an inspiring story from our tech lead of the year


Throughout 20 years of development, NashTech has always taken pride in the people-oriented approach where our Nashers are encouraged to advance their expertise and excel in their career. In celebration of our talents and their excellence during the year 2019, NashTech is delighted to hold the annual award “employee of the year” to express gratitude… Read more »