Month: April 2021

Demystifying self-training and how to utilise it to your advantage

NashTech Self-training

The discussion about employee training and development has commonly attributed this responsibility to corporations, those that seek to upskill their workforce. Nonetheless, the learning options presented to employees have broadened over the years since employers realised that each person has their own leaning pace and needs.   Employees adopting self- training as a development method has gained momentum recently due to its flexibility in time and space. This method can provide employees with a sense of ownership… Read more »

IT certifications – the key to advancing your career skills

NashTech IT certifications

The IT industry is shifting towards a more sustainable and innovation-driven model in which professional credibility and the ability to keep up with emerging technologies are crucial. Earning specialised IT certifications is how you can demonstrate both your qualifications and your willingness to stay on top of new technology products.  An accredited IT certification gives you an edge against individuals who do not have similar credentials since the rigorous exam and additional prerequisites indicate both knowledge and experience.   As an outsourcing… Read more »