Month: May 2021

Flexible working: is this new working model here to stay?

NashTech flexible working

The fallout of Covid 19 has been felt by organisations around the globe, forcing changes to their operating models to keep up with the latest developments and retain top talent. These changes have propelled the proliferation of flexible working, requiring us to gain a more profound understanding of this model.   Even before the pandemic struck, concerns had been raised about whether the widely accepted norm of a rigid 9-to-5 structure should still be considered best practice in most offices. Flexible working… Read more »

2 key factors to map out your career path

NashTech career path

Building a steady root before planning your career path 1. Finding your passion and setting goals  Passion is like a charger that helps you to stay happy and productive. If you feel unclear about your future and don’t know how to start looking for a dream job, just take a step back and ask yourself these questions: What do… Read more »