Month: August 2021

7 tips for effective email communications in the workplace

NT-7 tips for email communications

Email has become an inevitable and valuable communication tool in our work and personal lives. Moreover, email communication is an essential writing skill for employees because it reflects your working style and the professionalism of your organisations. However, it might be difficult to express tone and emotion solely via letters, which might lead to miscommunication, unprofessionalism… Read more »

How to weave creativity into your daily job

Creativity at NashTech

There is a preconceived notion that creativity and business do not mix well since business is all about following strict guidelines while creativity is more on the free-spirited and artistic side. However, creativity has more to offer than its artistic values.  The difference between a dreadful 8-to-5 drudgery and a rewarding career often lies within an individual’s ability to effectively integrate their sense of… Read more »