Month: November 2021

How to develop ourselves and make time rewarding during a pandemic?


Before the pandemic hit the world we were actively engaged in work and hobbies on a daily basis. Thanks to social distancing, our new reality has changed bustling cities into desolate ones and the lack of social interaction and consecutive months of lockdown has inevitably led to feelings of loneliness and boredom. Here are six… Read more »

Nailing teamwork together, even while we are social distancing

Effectve teamwork during pandemic

Teamwork is an essential skill which makes a huge contribution to work efficiency in almost all occupations. However, during a time we have never experienced before, resulting in long term social distancing we are unable to work together at the office where we can communicate physically and opinions are expressed through face-to-face interactions. As a consequence, we all face enormous challenges in communication and interaction with our colleagues while remote working.   It is not what… Read more »