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Senior DevOps Engineer


The Senior DevOps Engineer is responsible to design, build and maintain the CI/CD solutions for dedicated/ hybrid cloud environments. The Senior DevOps Engineer works with software developers and other production IT staff to oversee code releases.

  • Working together with engineers to get things done faster in an automated and repeatable way;
  • Work closely with the development team to analyze and implement branching strategies and subsequently implement Build and Deploy automation;
  • Contribute to design; developing, configuring, administrating, and maintaining CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery) tools/utilities for monolithic/modular systems (development, staging, production);
  • Implement, configure and administrate system logging management if needed;
  • Work closely with development and testing project teams in setting up a dev environment and necessary components for automation testing and performance testing, to help them in deploying and operating different system environments;
  • Support development team to troubleshot and resolve system problems;
  • Administer, deploy, monitor, health check system, ensure high availability and backup;
  • Developing the features to enhance CI/CD environment and writing scripts for automation using at least one scripting language such as Perl/Python/Groovy/Java/Bash;
  • Infrastructure as Code: provisioning, versioning, rollback the environment by scripts (Vagrant, Ansible, docker-compose, docker registry);
  • Configure and manage data sources like MySQL, Mongo, Elasticsearch, Redis, Cassandra, Hadoop, etc.;
  • Research new system techniques/tools to improve the productivity of DevOps team;
  • Train, Coach and mentor the new junior DevOps project members;
  • To obtain professional certificates if being requested;
  • To implement strictly all the customer’s processes if being requested, the company’s processes and systems complied with CMMI standards.


  • Good knowledge and experience of computer networking;
  • Good knowledge of Windows/Linux/Mac-based systems;
  • Good knowledge of system scripting languages such as PowerShell on Windows, Linux Shell, Python;
  • Basic knowledge of designing and set up Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery solutions with Jenkins / TeamCity / VSTS, Ansible / Puppet / Chef / Octopus / Terraform;
  • Can configure product deployment staging;
  • Has experienced with Logging management tools such as ELK/EFK;
  • Has experienced with Monitoring systems such as Azure AppInsights / Grafana / Prometheus / Zabbix / Cacti;
  • Has experienced with Cloud base systems (AWS / Azure / GCP);
  • Strong knowledge of Docker/container technologies;
  • Strong knowledge of performance, security, load balancing, and system troubleshooting;
  • Good knowledge of performance optimization of network latency, storage I/O on Windows Server, Linux;
  • Good knowledge of common services of Azure, AWS such as networking, instances, load balancing, storage, dynamic domain, CLI;
  • Good experience with SQL and MySQL (NoSQL experience is a plus);
  • Be proficient in company/project process;
  • Able to read & well understand English materials;
  • Able to transfer information from visual to text in English;
  • Able to handle normal English verbal conversation in both life and work-related;
  • Accountable and proactive.

Why You'll Love Working Here

  • 13-month salary per year.
  • Performance bonus (up to 2-month salary).
  • Social – Health – Insurance paid fully.
  • Healthcare: Annual health check-up, Premium Health Insurance .
  • Annual leaves: 14 ~ 18 days.
  • Clubs program: Football, Badminton, Swimming, Tennis, Rock, Yoga….
  • Training courses: Technical skills – Soft skills – English

People are extremely important to us and that’s why we have a clear vision: to make NashTech a great place to work in its sector. We pride ourselves on:

  • Professional and Flexible Working Environment
  • Great Teamwork
  • International Assignments
  • WeCare - WeShare - WeDare - WeInnovate Engagement Program
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