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Senior Software Engineer – DevOps
Da Nang - Vietnam, Hanoi - Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam / Hybrid
Bachelor Degree, College Degree, Master Degree
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Senior Software Engineer – DevOps
Da Nang - Vietnam, Hanoi - Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam / Hybrid
Bachelor Degree, College Degree, Master Degree
Full time
Closing date: 05.01.2024
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Job description

The Senior DevOps Engineer is responsible to design, build and maintain the CI/CD solutions for dedicated/ hybrid cloud environments. The Senior DevOps Engineer works with software developers and other production IT staff to oversee code releases.

  • Working together with engineers to get things done faster in an automated and repeatable way;
  • Work closely with the development team to analyze and implement branching strategies and subsequently implement Build and Deploy automation;
  • Contribute to design; developing, configuring, administrating, and maintaining CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery) tools/utilities for monolithic/modular systems (development, staging, production);
  • Implement, configure and administrate system logging management if needed;
  • Work closely with development and testing project teams in setting up a dev environment and necessary components for automation testing and performance testing, to help them in deploying and operating different system environments;
  • Support development team to troubleshot and resolve system problems;
  • Administer, deploy, monitor, health check system, ensure high availability and backup;
  • Developing the features to enhance CI/CD environment and writing scripts for automation using at least one scripting language such as Perl/Python/Groovy/Java/Bash;
  • Infrastructure as Code: provisioning, versioning, rollback the environment by scripts (Vagrant, Ansible, docker-compose, docker registry);
  • Configure and manage data sources like MySQL, Mongo, Elasticsearch, Redis, Cassandra, Hadoop, etc.;
  • Research new system techniques/tools to improve the productivity of DevOps team;
  • Train, Coach and mentor the new junior DevOps project members;
  • To obtain professional certificates if being requested;
  • To implement strictly all the customer’s processes if being requested, the company’s processes and systems complied with CMMI standards.


  • Good knowledge and experience of computer networking;
  • Good knowledge of Windows/Linux/Mac-based systems;
  • Good knowledge of system scripting languages such as PowerShell on Windows, Linux Shell, Python;
  • Basic knowledge of designing and set up Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery solutions with Jenkins / TeamCity / VSTS, Ansible / Puppet / Chef / Octopus / Terraform;
  • Can configure product deployment staging;
  • Has experienced with Logging management tools such as ELK/EFK;
  • Has experienced with Monitoring systems such as Azure AppInsights / Grafana / Prometheus / Zabbix / Cacti;
  • Has experienced with Cloud base systems (AWS / Azure / GCP);
  • Strong knowledge of Docker/container technologies;
  • Strong knowledge of performance, security, load balancing, and system troubleshooting;
  • Good knowledge of performance optimization of network latency, storage I/O on Windows Server, Linux;
  • Good knowledge of common services of Azure, AWS such as networking, instances, load balancing, storage, dynamic domain, CLI;
  • Good experience with SQL and MySQL (NoSQL experience is a plus);
  • Be proficient in company/project process;
  • Able to read & well understand English materials;
  • Able to transfer information from visual to text in English;
  • Able to handle normal English verbal conversation in both life and work-related;
  • Accountable and proactive.
Why you'll love working here
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Community Contribution
Participate in volunteering and community initiatives, making a positive impact on society.
Financial Rewards
Receive a competitive salary, including full pay during probation and performance-based bonuses.
Flexible Work Arrangements
Embrace a hybrid working mode and explore international assignments.
Enjoy our private healthcare offering which is adapted for your local market and ensures your peace of mind and wellbeing.
Professional Development
Access ongoing learning opportunities, including training, workshops, and certifications.
Celebrate achievements through a variety of recognition programs.
Wellness Initiatives
Enhance your physical and mental well-being with a variety of engagement events, sports clubs, and informative workshops.
Senior Software Engineer – DevOps
Da Nang - Vietnam, Hanoi - Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam / Hybrid
Bachelor Degree, College Degree, Master Degree
Full time
Closing date: 05.01.2024
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