A sharp mind behind a soft appearance – Portraying the determined journey of Quyen Nguyen, Finance Director of NashTech

October 5, 2020

Are you wondering how someone with minimal experience in IT turned out to be the perfect fit and became one of the most “powerful” women in NashTech? Curious about her determination, the sharp mind behind the soft appearance? Let’s go beyond the numbers to explore the inspiring story, and determined spirit, of Ms. Quyen Nguyen, Finance Director of NashTech.

The journey from an Auditor to Finance Director

Quyen has a strong background in finance and auditing. Before joining NashTech, she started her career as an Auditor in one of the big 4 auditing companies. Later, Quyen moved to an FMCG company and worked there for 14 years. During this period, she experienced various roles in the finance department and ended as the APAC Business Controller. In 2018, Quyen found her new pathway, a new environment that was challenging and sparked her inner flame – NashTech, a leading company in technology.

Sharing her first impression of NashTech, she was touched by the devotion of Nashers when they shared their stories of their own journey at NashTech, some of which can be traced back to the very beginning of Harvey Nash Group opening in Vietnam 20 years ago. . To Quyen, this is solid proof that NashTech is a place where people settle down and align their career path together with the company. 

Walking down memory lane, Quyen also recalled that one of her first experiences at the company was a Trade Mission at NashTech’s Hanoi office, where the global senior team gathered together. Regardless of hierarchy and the difference in level, they freely discussed issues and outlined solutions. They only focused on outcomes and goals, which impressed and motivated Quyen to continue developing her career at NashTech.

Quyen believes that meeting the global team was one of the most memorable reasons for choosing NashTech. Because the focus, core vision of NashTech and, in fact, everything that makes NashTech what it is comes down to one key factor: People.  

People: the key inspiration

The company focus is different from her past experience where organizations mainly focus on developing the product. At NashTech, what Quyen feels passionate about is the people-oriented vision with three elements:

  • Investment in freshers
  • Nurturing growth across all levels
  • Leadership development for middle and senior management

Talking about one of the most impressive factors that she has experienced at NashTech, Quyen revealed that it was her team.

They are some of the longest standing members of the NashTech family.  Among them are people that have been walking side by side with Harvey Nash Group since it was established in Vietnam in 2000, and I’m proud that my team has one of the lowest turnover rates in the company.

Determination: the journey to today

Quyen remembered when she worked as an Auditor at the start of her career, she was trying to take the US CPA certificate. In order to obtain this, she had to complete four courses with at least a 75% score for each course to pass – all within 18 months. If there was a course that didn’t meet this criteria, Quyen would have to take the classes all over again. Looking back, if Quyen could give her then self some advice she would say;

Set your plan and strictly follow it

One of the most important lessons that Quyen has learned is to set a clear plan from the beginning and follow it thoroughly.

Key to this is reviewing your plan every six months. Whilst your career and plan might have been stable and steady, the market and technology changes rapidly so be prepared to review and adapt frequently to keep pace. 

Find a mentor that inspires you

It could be someone who is your role model, someone that you put faith in and feel that you can share with them your wishes and career plan. They will be the one who will follow up with your plan, adjust it if needed and motivate you to conquer it.  

Take your chance to learn, both technical skills and soft skills

NashTech offers a lot of training classes and sharing sessions, as well as guidance from seniors, mentors and managers for you to expand your horizon. Take advantage of this and make the best out of it to grow, to become a better version of yourself personally and professionally.

We hope that you enjoyed this heartfelt insight from Ms. Quyen Nguyen and take it as an inspiration. With determination and passion, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals and dreams.