A solidarity spirit of Tu Diep – Project Manager of the Year

June 16, 2020

Every year, to recognize and reward exemplary employees, NashTech holds an annual award, titled “Employee of the Year”, which is evaluated based on both performance and specific contributions to the mission, goal, values, and plan.

In the last article, we have explored the inspirational journey of Tri Nguyen, one out of six outstanding project managers this year. In this episode, let’s raise our glasses for the next Project Manager of the Year – Mr. Tu Diep.

Tu Diep joined NashTech in 2012 as a Senior Software Engineer. After three years working as Technical Lead for a project of an Australian based client, he was promoted to become Project Manager. Since then, he has worked on various global projects from all over the world.

Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful – Roy T. Bennett

Spending eight years here at the company, Tu Diep believes that there is a strong bond between NashTech and its employees – the beloved Nashers. He shared that a positive relationship can lead to higher motivation and employee engagement. This is also the reason why Tu Diep wants to create more value for NashTech by making high-quality products and delivering clients satisfaction.

He also shared that through practical work, he has gained precious knowledge and experience which cannot be acquired from coursebooks. At the same time, Tu loves sharing his experience and knowledge to his teammates.

United we stand, divided we fall 

When Tu found out he had become Project Manager of the Year, he was so surprised at first, then, he was over the moon! Tu Diep believes that he has won the award on behalf of all other Project Managers, because he believes they are all superb and worthy.

I also have the support from seniors and other Nashers. I am motivated and appreciated by their effort. 

He modestly told us that it wasn’t just all about him, everything comes from the great collaboration and team work with the efforts of many colleagues and the support of his members in the Offshore Development Centres for American and Australian clients.

Thank you everyone – Tu sincerely expressed his gratitude

NashTech and him

Tu Diep has worked at NashTech for eight years since 2012. Interestingly, he shared that NashTech is where he stayed and spent the longest period in his career.

Although NashTech is on a journey to become the best company in IT sector, for Tu, he subjetively thinks that NashTech has always been the best in terms of professional skills and process.

Throughout his journey at NashTech, an open environment as well as a wide range of development opportunities are what make Tu most satisfied with. Furthermore, NashTech has a good work culture since it offers employees to work flexibly and balance between work and life.

Tu Diep shared that it’s not easy to achieve work-life balance in nowadays unpredictable and fast-paced business world. However, at NashTech, every Nasher is empowered to have a work-life balance. Outside the office, Nashers are encouraged to join in other activities or clubs. This allows them to follow their own hobbies.

Tu shared that he enjoys various activities beside his work to maintain good health, such as running (every morning), swimming and reading. Some of his colleagues even have special abilities beyond their expertise in the IT field, such as playing an instrument, playing soccer or photography.

NashTech would like to thank Tu Diep and other project managers for their great contribution and dedication. They are indeed NashTech’s greatest motivation to continuously strive for the best.