Dedication doesn’t have an off-season – motivational insight from Viet Pham

September 17, 2020

At NashTech, we believe that our mission of “Delivering technology excellence” can’t be achieved without the contribution of our employees – our Nashers. To celebrate our people and their excellence, NashTech holds an annual ‘Employee of the Year’ award to recognize and express our gratitude for individuals who achieve outstanding levels of performance.

In this article, we will explore the inspiring story of Viet Pham, the talented Nasher who made his name in the “SWAT of the Year 2020” category.

About our SWAT

NashTech is always looking for better ways of helping clients with their industry and business challenges. To provide the best technology solution, our project team doesn’t work alone. There is always a great level of support and involvement from other departments, whether it is finance, quality assurance, governance, or others.
Named after the well-known FBI ‘Special Weapons and Tactics’ Team, NashTech SWAT team consists of our most senior and strongest technicianswho specialize in providing technical support to projects at critical stages of development

With new technologies frequently bursting onto the scene, our SWAT team, along with the engineering management group, plays an important role in supporting staff and ensuring our clients can take advantage of emerging, challenging technological innovations.


(The technical support landscape for software development at NashTech)

Viet Pham – A proactive SWAT team member

Viet Pham started his journey at NashTech as a Technical Architect in 2017 and soon after that, he became a member of the SWAT team. With a great passion for emerging technologies and the goal of sharing valuable experience to his peers, Viet spends most of his spare time doing self-research and acquiring new technical knowledge.

Sharing his thoughts on the job, Viet said that NashTech is the ideal work environment to him. From the very first steps that Viet took on his career path, he always wanted to have a dynamic job that keeps him surrounded with new technical developments to strive for. Spending two years as a SWAT team member, Viet has been involved in many global projects, which allows him to resolve a diverse range of business issues and improve his communication skills.

NashTech has given me great opportunities to pursue my ideal career path.

Besides being a supportive SWAT team member, Viet also shows his competence in designing system architecture as a PreSales specialist.

NashTech in Viet Pham

The year 2020 was the second year running that Viet received “SWAT Member of the Year” award. Yet, with great humility, Viet believed that the award represents a joint effort of him and the rest of the team, and that he wouldn’t have earned it without his proactive, supportive teammates.

Viet Pham’s eagerness to share his knowledge and help his peers demonstrates a core value of NashTech’s culture – “team spirit”. At NashTech, we take ownership but also draw on the benefits of teamwork and collaboration.

Concluding our interview, Viet shared his secret to keeping him confident when facing new challenges. He said “Keep believing in yourself and realize that all your hard work, dedication and persistence WILL pay off!”