DEV Café 2020 – NashTech’s event for .NET enthusiasts

December 11, 2020

The changing landscape of technology requires those who seek to stay on top of their game to constantly bolster their knowledge of the field. Technology conferences, both online and offline, are being held around the globe with the aim to keep IT workforces up to the minute on the latest innovations and freshest ideas within the industry.

At NashTech, our experts always seek chances to provide young and talented minds with guidance and inspire them to become the type of figure they aspire to be in the IT field. With that in mind, annually, NashTech organises an event named DEV Café – an informative and dynamic .NET-focused occasion which is a part of the global .NET Conf series.

DEV Café – a place where tech enthusiasts gather and discuss everything .NET!

On the 28th of November, a community of tech-savvy individuals huddled at NashTech’s office in Ho Chi Minh city to participate in DEV Café – our in-depth .NET event in collaboration with .NET Conf. Our audiences range from developers to IT major university students all of whom share the same interest and fascination for .NET framework.

The full-day agenda gives our attendees a real chance to deep dive into well-versed .NET sessions. Our experts did not merely introduce the surface of the vast .NET world, in fact, they engage the audiences in various different empirical discussions around the use of this framework as well as how to resolve .NET-related issues.

DEV Cafe 2020 - 1

The event was divided into seven sessions, specifically:

  • An overview introduction of .NET 5 –
  • Building and securing Blazor application
  • Building GraphQL APIs in .NET
  • Multi-tenancy in microservice architecture
  • High-performance services with gRPC
  • Building distributed cloud-native applications with Dap
  • Practicing ML.NET

The event was based closely on the professional agenda of a .NET Conf event while also breaking down the broad topic of .NET to more digestible and comprehensible presentations as well as gives room for more rigorous discussions between the speakers and attendees.

DEV Cafe 2020 - 2


NashTech and our talent development programs

At NashTech, one of our main objectives is to help the Vietnamese technology scene thrive as this industry has become an integral part of Vietnam’s economic growth. We believe that our passion and expertise in technology could greatly benefit Vietnamese young talents by consolidating their tech knowledge as well as nurturing their potential.

Through comprehensive and thorough talent development programs is how NashTech retain top talents. NashTech is a promising destination for those who are looking for a chance to contribute and grow at the same time, we express appreciation to our dedicated employees by providing best access to talent development programs.

Join NashTech to experience our well-developed talent development programs!

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