Discovering the story of our amicable and passionate Automation Tester of the year

December 24, 2020

A reliable and well-performed workforce is a powerful driver for the development of any organisation. Employee experience incontrovertibly reflects in the performance and engagement level of the workforce which proven to be critical to the organisation’s sustainability and growth.

Acknowledging that, NashTech has created multiple platforms where our employees can raise their voice as well as share their experience of being a Nasher. One of which is our inspiring employee highlight series featuring exemplary individuals who have attained the employee of the year award.

In today’s article we would like to share the story of Phuc Dang – who has excelled in his field to earn the title of “automation tester of the year 2019”.

What it’s like to work as an automation tester at NashTech?

As an automation tester in one of our major projects at NashTech, with more than one hundred headcounts which serves the demand of a Germany financial group, Phuc is given a chance to explore and gain hands-on experience on the latest technologies. Additionally, Phuc also values all new working methods and approaches that he has been exposed to while working at this project, for instance, Mob Programming – a software development approach that facilitates group collaboration as well as tackles common pitfalls regarding teamwork.

Another perk of joining a large-scale project at NashTech is the opportunity to work closely with ardent and adept senior colleagues in the field which has significantly benefited him in terms of technical competence, Phuc added. Joining NashTech right after university through the Direct Entry program, Phuc was new and unfamiliar to how a multinational corporation operates. Thanks to his senior colleagues’ guidance, he has been able to acclimate to the professional environment that NashTech offers.

What NashTech means to Phuc Dang?

After two years at NashTech, Phuc Dang has developed a passion for technology as well as curated strong ties with his fellow colleagues which makes him feel like being a part of a family. Phuc also shared that he feels a sense of belonging here at NashTech since everyone seeks to put efforts into building a healthy and supportive community.

Phuc’s team regularly solicited team building activities such as setting aside a certain time slot each week – calling it Happy Hour – to gather around and eat together, this significantly helps with taking the edge off a hectic week. Company annual events such as Christmas celebration or Year End party are highlights in Phuc’s journey here at NashTech, according to him, these are the times where Nashers can join hands and bond over all the joyous and delightful activities.

When Phuc was asked to share something with our newly joined members as well as future Nashers, Phuc recalled being a fresh graduate from university two years ago with NashTech as the coveted company for many young talents. Through dedication and unwavering determination, Phuc has attained his dream position, he even received a performance award for it as “automation tester of the year”.

Phuc’s advice for all the aspiring Nashers out there: “Join NashTech and experience it for yourself, I believe it will be a pleasant journey filled with excitement”

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