Emotional sharing from our ‘Quality Control Engineers of the Year’ – Bao Nguyen and Vy Duong

September 24, 2020

At NashTech, we believe that the employee centric culture, which is putting our talent at the core of everything we do, is the key element to the company’s success. Thanks to our hard-working teams, NashTech can go far and go fast in the ICT industry.

As a result, to express great gratitude to the dedicated contribution of our employees, NashTech holds annual ‘Employee of the Year’ awards. The award is introduced to Nashers who achieve outstanding levels of performance.

Today, let’s get to know Bao Nguyen and Vy Duong, two Nashers who have made their name in the ‘Quality Controller of the Year 2020’ category.

Bao Nguyen – A hard-working and kindhearted Nasher

Learning about the job from his friends in 2014, Bao Nguyen decided being a Quality Control Engineer at NashTech would be the next step in his career path. Sharing his initial impression when he joined NashTech, Bao said that, despite careful preparation, he still felt new to the surroundings. Bao told us that, at first, he was very anxious but with great support from his team and his manager, he quickly got used to the working processes. Bao said that his journey of being a Nasher has been so remarkable thanks to the supportive teammates, who always share the same enthusiasm for challenging technologies with him.

With the motto ‘Keep striving for knowledge because you never know when you will need it’, Bao is always hungry for knowledge. Bao shared that to be a successful Quality Control Engineer, you need to continuously adapt to the emerging trends in the fast-paced IT environment. He said: “Never give up and never stop learning!”

Bao has a great interest for travelling, as he often makes plan and goes on trips by himself. He shared that getting to know the living condition of the locals helps him experience different cultures. Recalling about the most memorable moment at NashTech, Bao shared that he was so happy upon hearing the company announcement of a charity trip  to Ben Tre. Bao said: “Through charitable activities, I was very grateful to see colleagues sharing the great spirit of helping the communities with me”. He, and warm-hearted Nashers, best represent the key value ‘We Share’ at NashTech, which is all about sharing love and spreading care.

Vy Duong – If you want to go far, go together

Vy Duong joined NashTech in 2015 as a Quality Control Engineer. Vy shared that, throughout her five year journey at NashTech, the nurturing environment with a wide range of development opportunities is what keeps her engaged with the company. Vy told us her skillsets have been improved through intensive training courses and her peers at NashTech.

Working with proactive teammates allows Vy to expand her boundaries of technical knowledge, and she told us that her team is the motivation to keep becoming better every day. Vy described her teammates as “people I will never leave”. Vy shared that she always feels NashTech is her home, because surrounding her are the energetic, funny colleagues. Vy said: “As long as I can work with these wonderful people, I will not leave NashTech”.

“It is not just an achievement. It represents me and my team’s hard-working effort throughout the year.” Vy happily shared about receiving “Employee of the Year” award.

Concluding our interview, we asked her for tips on how to handle stress and managing deadlines. Vy said that the key thing to keep in mind is always feeling comfortable with every task you do. To her, positive thinking will help everyone overcome the most difficult obstacles.

Both Bao Nguyen and Vy Duong expressed that the supportive working environment and the admirable colleagues are the reason keeping them at NashTech. We would like to thank Bao Nguyen, Vy Duong, and all Nashers like them, because their dedicated contribution is the motivation for us fulfill the goal of “creating the happiest working environment for IT talents.”