Exploring the inspiring journey of two Software Engineers at NashTech

July 22, 2020

Over the last 20 years in Vietnam, NashTech has always follow the motto “Employees are the most precious asset to the company”.

As such, NashTech organizes an annual ‘Employee of the Year’ award to recognize outstanding Nashers and express our gratitude towards our talent.

To continue the series of “Software Engineer of the Year 2020”, let’s explore the next two inspiring stories from Ms. Trinh Nguyen and Mr. Vinh Tu who tell us about their journey at NashTech.

Trinh Nguyen – Nothing is impossible

Trinh Nguyen joined NashTech right after graduation in 2017 through our Direct Entry program and now, to Trinh, NashTech feels like her second home. During 3 years of working at NashTech, she has been promoted to senior level in Front End.

When she shared the story of her journey with us, Trinh recalled exactly when she chose NashTech as her destination to settle down. She was drawn to NashTech by their good benefits and positive environment, and also by her Line Manager – who really inspired her and gave her a lot of support whenever she needed it.

Trinh’s first and foremost focal point is to advance her Front-End technical skills. She’s extremely curious about new technologies and frameworks and often researches by herself.

One of Trinh’s most happy memories at NashTech was when she joined her first project after passing Direct Entry program. The project applied the technology that she had already researched and mastered, so this made Trinh felt proud that she could understand and contribute to the client project easily.

Besides being a developer, Trinh also participates in after work activities not only within the company but also as part of the local community. And finally we want to share Trinh’s inspiring personal motto. Trinh says, “Nothing is impossible, just be determined”.

Following her own motto, Trinh is working hard towards conquering not only advanced technical skills but also herself – to be her better version.

Vinh Tu – Never stop striving

Vinh Tu is currently working as Senior Software Engineer at NashTech. He is an energetic and young at heart individual who makes others feel inspired when they talk with him. However, some people know that a while ago Vinh used to have more “downs” moments than the “ups”.

To be as successful as he is today, Vinh’s effort has been relentless and he has worked very hard. He had a “study-like-crazy” year at home and barely went out, striving to excel at technical skills and also soft skills like English language proficiency.

Vinh joined NashTech 3 years ago, and has acquired precious knowledge and skills not only in the style of work and the outsourcing process but also the experience gained from participating in various client projects. To him, NashTech is like a place that gathers friends. He feels so happy waking up in the morning knowing that he’s going to meet those people, to learn and to work with them.

Talking about receiving “Employee of the Year” award, Vinh shared a funny story behind this. He had noticed that all his peers had already had a check-point session with their manager but he had not. He wondered why his own review was so late and also thought that maybe he was being ignored. But then an email came to summon him to line up to receive an award, he was so surprised and could not believe that he was the one until he held the trophy in his hand.

Sharing his thoughts about the secret to success, Vinh said: “Keep striving! Everyone has their own periods of ups and downs, so keep trying is the way to get over problems”.