How do Nashers make work-life balance work?

June 26, 2020

After stressful working hours and chasing deadlines, it is a good time to relieve stress, meet other colleagues, and get to know each other.

Understanding this, at NashTech, there are a wide range of activities for Nashers to choose from and make the best out of their journey at the company!


One of the most common choices for people to relax after a long working day is sport. At NashTech, a diverse list of sports clubs is ready to welcome you.

  • Football Club: This is the largest and most active sports club at NashTech with the minimum of 6 active participating teams, comprising of 50 people. At NashTech, we give our hearts and are dedicated to everything we do, even in playing. The Football Club organizes weekly games and bi-annual internal tournaments to gather and enhance their skills. Furthermore, NashTech’s football club is also one of the most proactively participated member of annual ICT football tournaments where companies in IT industry in HCMC come together and compete for the best.
  • Ping Pong Club: This is an energetic club with a fully equipped facility right here at NashTech’s offices. This makes it convenient for everyone who can spare a minute or two to gather and have fun with their colleagues. For our Nashers, playing sports is not just about winning or losing but to gain companionship too. To them, their motto is ‘Don’t think about the triumph, think about the friends you make along the way’.
  • Badminton Club: Badminton club is an energetic and proactive club. The club frequently organizes meetup around 2-3 times per week so that its members can gather, get to know each other and practice their skills.

There are many clubs from different sports and games at NashTech. If you can’t find a sport or a game that interests you, you can always form a new club with just a few people who have mutual enthusiasm.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At NashTech, we don’t just strive for the best in our work and services, we also try our best to contribute to the society, giving back love and kindness to the community.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, NashTech has been working in harmony with the Community in Vietnam to fight against the pandemic.

With the motto “Let kindness be the loving seed that sprouts and grows with the good things we do”, our Nashers launched an initiative called the “Kind Action Campaign” to support frontline workers, who have relentlessly fought against the pandemic.

From 25th March to 6th April 2020, NashTech raised 269,831,000VND. We’ve utilized the funds to support four medical facilities in Vietnam with personal protection equipment and laryngoscopes.

Furthermore, during the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, many people suffered significantly from the economic impact. To support them during this tough time, NashTech has spread the “We Share Love” spirit by delivering meals to unfortunate people and sharing the anxieties with the Community during these hard days.

At NashTech, we also organize annual community events called “Community Day”. In 2019, with all the funds raised from our Green Market internal event, our Nashers went to Lucky House in Dak Nong to spread the love and care for the lovely children. We awarded 16 scholarships to the Lucky House, gifted packs of necessities and confectionery and had a lovely yet energetic day onsite with a warm campfire to celebrate the children’s birthdays.

Those would certainly be a cherished memory not only for the children, but also to each Nasher that joined these meaningful activities.