How Nashers give back to the Community in Hanoi

April 11, 2020

Besides the mission that “Delivering technology excellence”, NashTech also focuses on the construction and development of Corporate Social Responsibility.

NashTech believes that spiritual values are the ones that really bring people together. Because of that, an annual event named Community Day always takes place with the goal: NashTech shares with the community.

This year we chose to support Sapa Hope Center, a non-profit project aiming to provide shelter for homeless mountain children from surrounding villages and free English lessons to anyone in the local community. About 20 homeless children currently rely on support from their extended families and their local community; there is no government assistance for this demographic. Sapa Hope Center will help to ease the community burden and offer these children a brighter future.

Always understanding the importance of learning for each individual’s development, NashTech have helped to build a long-term and sustainable English language school for ethnic minorities at SaPa Hope Center.

All of them have a hard life in Ta Phin village, SaPa. The Nashers in our Hanoi Development Center has raised a total of 20 million VND for building a school, creating a bookcase and also lots of warm clothes, confectionery and milk and books for this project.

Why we chose Sapa Hope Center

Sapa Hope Center was founded by a philosophical entrepreneur named Peter Thuong. While living in Hanoi about ten years ago, Peter visited Sapa and was moved by the stories of the mountain children who walked many miles each day to sell trinkets and handicrafts to Sapa tourists in order to support their families. He learned that some children had lost parents due to illness or injury in the field. Peter was inspired to help, so in 2011 he opened Sapa Backpackers, a hostel/coffee shop whose profits would fund construction and maintenance of Sapa Hope Center.

NashTech becomes an ideal working environment for every Nasher. Because this place gives the Nasher not only conditions to create tangible components but also an opportunity to give away intangible components.

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