How to enhance team bonding during the pandemic?

October 12, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work globally. Remote working has become the new norm for organisations around the world. However, besides the pros, remote working has also brought cons to employees’ working lives. Social distancing and lack of physical interaction can make employees feel isolated and depressed. This could influence productivity at work and also the employee’s well-being.    

So, team bonding plays a key role in connecting members together. According to research, 65% of online workers felt isolated from colleagues when not having team bonding sessions.    

Here are suggestions for you to celebrate virtual team bonding:    

1. Truth or dare?     

“Truth or dare” is a popular game with many people. It allows people to ask others in-depth questions or take funny actions. This game is famous in the offline world because it requires human interaction. But during this time, we can also play this game virtually. Players can use Wheel of Names to pick the players randomly, then they can create the truth or dare list. The game is suitable for a big group and could create a funny moment for the team.   

“Truth or dare” is a simple game, but an important consideration is that while the game allows us to ask questions to get to know colleagues better, rules and boundaries should be set, so as not to invade the privacy of others, and to keep the game appropriate for the workplace.  

2. Sharing session    

When working from home, there are fewer opportunities to catch up with each other and share feelings. Therefore, a sharing session allows every member to share their feelings or any difficulty that they are facing, so that everybody can listen and suggest solutions. For those not comfortable talking publicly, a form could be created to fill in anonymously, so they can feel free to share whatever they want.     

This session is a chance for everybody to hear and share which can enhance relationships among team members.    

3. Kahoot time!    

Kahoot has a simple format, which functions as a quiz, and is suitable for every team size. The team members have to answer a specific number of questions that the moderator created.

The questions vary from different topics including general knowledge, films, movies, songs. Kahoot also suggests various types of questions for players such as math, science, history, social studies. Furthermore, we can give a prize to the winners to motivate the team members to put more effort into playing games.     

Access to to create the quiz. The players can access to enjoy the game.   

4. Mojiparty     

Mojiparty is an emoji guessing game that you can play for free online. Play with your pals and see who can decode the most emojis from various categories to win, including TV shows, foods, brands, music. This game allows every member to interact with each other and relieve stress after a hard-working day.   

The game is easy to access with various modes for every group type. Access to play now!    

5. Skribbl    

This game challenges your team’s creativity. Someone has to draw their chosen word every round and others have to guess it to gain points. The person who has the highest point will win. The game has the same format as mojiparty, but it allows us to draw the words in our style. It is free online and for multiple players which is suitable for every group size. It does not only challenge the painter, but also those who guess the words. Access to play now!    

From the five activities, we hope that you could find a suitable one to bring your team together and enhance employee bonding. A teambuilding session is key to driving a successful team. Not only does it relieve stress at work but it also helps to build relationships among colleagues.  

At NashTech, we focus on our employees’ well-being, especially during the pandemic. Besides having sport and game clubs to encourage work-life balance, we also organise a wide range of activities and events online to stay connected with our Nashers during this challenging time.