Improving organizational capability and performance through CMMI – NashTech’s sharing at VNITO

September 28, 2020

In July 2020, NashTech was delighted to be the first company in Vietnam to be appraised with the newest, and highest, level of CMMI – CMMI Development V2.0 Level 5. At NashTech, this model has been our essential framework to make innovative improvements and assess performance across the company.

Understanding the effectiveness of CMMI in business advancement, on August 27th 2020, in partnership with VNITO, NashTech shared our experience on enhancing organizational capabilities applying the CMMI model.

We were honored to have Ms. Ly Vo, our Quality Assurance Director, to be the main speaker providing the latest insights into CMMI development. In this article, let’s recap some key highlights of the webinar.

What is CMMI Development V2.0?

Starting her talk, Ms. Ly Vo briefly mentioned the development history of CMMI, a process by which businesses can measure their capabilities and identify which steps will lead to higher performance.

he extension of V2.0 comes from its emphasis on being a collection of best practices, or ‘practice areas’, instead of being a set of processes to be implemented. Each practice area provides a clear improvement path where practices at one level build on the practices at the previous levels. A more reliable appraisal method compared to . Instead of randomly selecting projects within the appraisal scope, V2.0 entails a substantially reduced scope to check on process sustainment, making sure that maturity is maintained over time. 

Preparing for CMMI at every level

CMMI represents a company’s effort to streamline process improvement and encourage a productive, efficient culture. Meeting CMMI appraisal requirement demands clear and accurate determination of the purpose, how to do it, what processes to be improved and who to be involved at every level.


Actions to be taken at each level of CMMI

Optimizing processes for level 2 and 3 focuses on the identification of areas that can be improved and areas that pose a risk to business objectives. Following that, level 4 and 5 demand the use of statistical and quantitative analysis to predict and increase the likelihood of the proposed plan contributing significantly to business improvement.

Each maturity level of CMMI represents different evolutionary steps for creating a culture of improvement, and commitment of the organization plays a key role in that process. A shared objective across all levels of management results in natural and enduring implementation of requirements, as those who carry out the activities can always acquire the necessary resources.

Preparing for CMMI Development V2.0 Level 5

Optimizing processes for CMMI Development V2.0 Level 5 requires intensive consideration of performance analysis, including statistic techniques and prediction model. By understanding problems your business faces, you can develop an action plan to make performance improvements to areas that are inhibiting productivity.

CMMI Development V2.0 Level 5is a valuable certificate for any technology companies. Step-by-step preparation for the highest level of CMMI will create a boost in your business value, as it has enabled NashTech to be more capable and effective at everything we do, with a more efficient, streamlined, and rigorous processes.

Concluding the webinar, there were many questions from the participants regarding further clarification on the topic.

What was the main factor that helped NashTech be successful in achieving Level 5 of CMMI Development V2.0?

  • The commitment from senior managers enabled every department to have the required support and resources to make the necessary changes.

What are the resource requirements and degree of capability to pursue CMMI?

  • It depends on your organization. The key factor is the determination for change and improvement.

Should an organization deploy the program by itself or seek consultancy?

  • Make sure that your organization is proactive no matter which method you choose. If you seek the help of consultants, you should work closely with them to ensure that they understand your business culture.

What is the main difficulty for achieving CMMI Level 5?

  • The highest level of CMMI requires your organization to have the high-quality, accurate data, which asks for involvement of multiple departments.

About NashTech

At NashTech, with the mission of ‘delivering technology excellence’ to our clients, we excel at providing innovative business and digital transformation through IT services. To keep our processes updated with emerging technological trends, NashTech endeavors to stay ahead of the ever-changing IT environment and consistently strive for highest international standards.


VNITO Alliance is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 with the mission of promoting and developing Vietnam ITO/BPO sector. Joining VNITO, NashTech aims at creating an effective bridge between Vietnam and international IT communities.

We would like to express our gratitude to organization leaders attending the webinar. Thank you VNITO for inviting us to attend and share our practical experience on the CMMI topic.