IT certifications – the key to advancing your career skills

April 6, 2021

The IT industry is shifting towards a more sustainable and innovation-driven model in which professional credibility and the ability to keep up with emerging technologies are crucial. Earning specialised IT certifications is how you can demonstrate both your qualifications and your willingness to stay on top of new technology products. 

An accredited IT certification gives you an edge against individuals who do not have similar credentials since the rigorous exam and additional prerequisites indicate both knowledge and experience.  

As an outsourcing company with clients from all over the globe, NashTech acknowledges the need to build trust and credibility for our clients. We do this by facilitating the process of attaining professional IT certifications, to ensure that our IT specialists can cultivate their mastery of a particular technology or practice. 

How IT certifications can help you set yourself apart from competition

Being certified in a certain set of information technology skills can be beneficial to both employees and employers. Let’s explore some of the most notable perks of gaining IT certifications:  

1. Expanding expertise

Through the process of training and getting prepared for a certification exam, you are given a chance to fully immerse yourself in the materials and practices regarding a particular technology. Aside from being tested on your knowledge, you also have to engage in performance-based questions which require a comprehensive understanding of the technology.  

By the time you earn a complete certification, you have significantly expanded your knowledge and understanding of the field.  

2. Networking opportunities

Gaining IT certifications can help you open the door to communities of certified IT professionals where you can find like-minded and motivated individuals,  giving you the opportunity to broaden your network in the technology sector.  

Each of these networks can hold value for those looking for new employment opportunities or support on certain projects 

3. Increasing job proficiency 

Preparing for and earning certifications will enable you to ramp up your skills and perform better when it comes to a specific area, as you have gained significant knowledge and experience on how to effectively implement a service or program through thorough preparation. 

4. Staying up-to-date with latest technologies 

The world of technology never stands still, it is constantly evolving. As such, IT certifications commonly have an expiration date. This ensures certified professionals continue their education in order to keep their credentials active.  

This calls for renewal of certifications as well as keeping up with the current technologies so that professionals do not fall behind or lack real-time updates in their specialised field. 

5. Meeting professional or corporate requirements 

Certifications on specialised competencies are of great importance for technology enterprisebecause these credentials determine their credibilityAdditionallytechnology companies need to validate their capability to clients by showing that their staff are certified and eligible to take on complex projects. 

How NashTech assist our employees

At NashTech, we offer our employees a well-established career roadmap and advancement opportunities so that they can develop at their own pace. We also encourage our employees to take IT specialised courses and facilitate their process of attaining certifications by sponsoring their examination fee. This applies to:

  • Developers: Microsoft Azure certification, AWS certification
  • Quality controllers: ISTQB foundation and advance level certification, BSM I & II certification
  • Business analysts: Professional Scrum Product Owner I & II certification, IIBA CBAP, IIBA CCBA
  • Project managers: Project Management Process certification, PgMP certification, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner

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