Development opportunities at NashTech – insightful remarks from our line manager of the year

January 27, 2021

Annually, NashTech facilitates an employee highlight series to honor and appreciate those with exemplary performance. We are constantly astonished by our employees’ efforts to go to the extra mile and excel in their field of work, as such, this program is curated to acknowledge and shed light on their journey to excellence at work.

In this article, we are thrilled to feature Cuong Ly – who has attained the “line manager of year” award. Aside from sharing with us his own story, Cuong will also give us his thoughts on NashTech’s faith and unfaltering commitment in ensuring our employees’ development.

What does it take to be a line manager of three different competencies?

As the only line manager at NashTech who is currently in charge of three distinct domains, Cuong is often required to juggle workloads across different competencies; frontend, mobile and UI/UX.  Cuong’s main responsibilities are to support, provide guidance and search for ways that best engage those within his direct line of management.

Managing three different competencies also means Cuong has to support and engage three different groups of people with different approaches to execution and operation. He seeks to ensure that people in these teams can navigate any situation or requirement with ease to smooth the way for project execution.

His scope of work also involves other duties such as ascertaining the numbers of qualified candidates for projects demand, developing talents eligibility to serve the future needs as well as assisting with talent acquisition process.

The responsibilities are definitely substantial and the heavy workloads sometimes stress him out, however, through Cuong’s sharing, we get to uncover how rewarding it is to help NashTech shape and manage a robust system of talents. The inconvertible challenges in his job are what keep him intrigued, Cuong added.

When we tried to dig a little deeper into his experience at NashTech, Cuong fascinatingly shared with us that he also holds a special role whenever holiday season rolls around, which is to dress as Santa Claus and hand out gifts to everyone in his office. This special role landed on his lap by chance but at the end of the day, Cuong opened up that the most unexpected opportunity could bring about greatest amount of joy.

Cuong Ly’s thoughts on NashTech’s talent development vision

NashTech’s talent development programs, and the vision we embrace as an employer brand, are highly sought-after topics for aspiring Nashers. As someone who is directly involved in, and contribute to, the talent acquisition and training process, Cuong Ly has shared with us some of his thoughts on what we have in store for young minds out there who wish to upskill and join NashTech.

Candidates asking their interviewer about the working condition, career development opportunities, environment and benefits that the company offers has long been a common practice in a job interview. As someone who has been in the position of an interviewer at NashTech, Cuong recounted with us the wide array of concerns and questions from interviewees that have been raised to him during the interviews, where most of the concerns revolve around room for growth and development.

At NashTech, we are fully aware of the fact each of our current, and future, employees holds different visions in terms of career development and we want to ensure that they can have the ideal environment, opportunities and sufficient support to thrive, Cuong added. Especially, in the world of technology, with rapid shifts and modifications happen every day, the need to curate room for growth and development is even more important.

According to Cuong, NashTech’s diverse range of projects will enable young talents to participate in large-scale projects with international clients to gain empirical and hands-on experience. Plus, with a department dedicated to training and upskilling employees, all tech employees will be kept up-to-date and well-equipped with emerging technologies.

Lastly, Cuong is confident that with 20 years of capabilities and skills, NashTech has proven itself as the ideal destination for tech talents, where they can strive for excellence with the help of experts in the field and a professional environment.

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