Not just a job but a joy – An inspirational interview with Thanh Nguyen, Human Resource (HR) Director at NashTech

September 22, 2020

What makes a company is not only its business, its value, its mission and vision, it is about what is at its heart: people. That is why companies worldwide are putting more effort in human resource management. And NashTech is no exception.

Today we had a conversation with Mr. Thanh Nguyen – Human Resource Director of NashTech – to hear about his sincere and inspirational story, not only about his personal journey but also the journey of NashTech to develop and nurture the most valuable assets – our Nashers.

When our voices unite as one, happiness and inspiration will appear

Thanh Nguyen has over 14 years of experience in Human Resources Management field, especially in the ICT industry for the last 8 years. During his career, he has experienced various functions within the HR field such as Talent Acquisition, Training Development, Total Rewards, and HR Business Partner role prior to joining NashTech as an HRD.

When talking about his journey at NashTech, Thanh said it all started when he received a call from the former HR Director saying that she was looking for a successor and asked if Thanh wanted to explore a new and exciting opportunity. Now, looking back, Thanh said that it was one of the most important decisions that he has ever made. At NashTech, there were many opportunities for Thanh to develop himself professionally and personally. Thanh quickly felt like NashTech was truly his second home.


Besides achieving personal career progression, Thanh is also inspired by the passion, the ambition and the clear vision of NashTech’s Management Team: to out Vietnam on the technology map globally.

I see their passion, dedication and willingness to go the extra mile for the sake of the company. I see back-to-back meetings, togetherness in difficult times and celebrations of momentous milestones that we achieve. This has become my “life”.

In addition, sharing the reason why the journey with NashTech become so enjoyable, Thanh showed his gratitude and pride about his team.

I would like to thank the HR Team for everything that we have been through. In the team, individual opinions are valued, debate is always welcomed but when we walk out of the meeting room, our HR voice is united as one. So, everyday coming to the office is not just a job but a joy.

Equality is the key factor

Thanh has been with NashTech for almost two years now, and there have been a lot of memorable moments, but he shared that what touched him the most was during the tough time of COVID 19. He was touched and impressed by how the company responded quickly and effectively in implementing business continuous plans and protecting employees.


The moment when my fellow Directors released the message that “NashTech leaves no one behind “, even when the business was hit hard by Covid-19, is the moment that really stands out as showing that NashTech is a great place to work. And it aligns with my value of being an HR professional. Now that, business is recovering strongly with a lot of positive signs, we are able to deploy many staff back to projects, which also proved it was a brave and great decision.

Also, during the conversation, Thanh shared about one more thing at NashTech which he finds unique. That is the local leadership for each region compared to other multinational corporates. At NashTech, the company nurtures local leadership and talent is recognized. Thanh also emphasized that diversity and gender equality are another great factor at NashTech.“At NashTech, only performance, potential and attitude are taken into account”.

Ambition, motto and advice

Sharing his goals during his journey at NashTech, Thanh said that his key focus is to transform the HR team to be a strategic partner of the business. In order to achieve that, the HR team needs to shift away from a supporting mindset to a partner mindset. Thanh also stated that the team need to become a center of excellence by optimizing processes, reducing manual operating tasks and to think more from a business perspective. However, according to Thanh, the ultimate goal will still comprise of four key HR missions to make NashTech the best place to work for IT professionals:

  1. Talent attraction
  2. Talent engagement
  3. Talent development
  4. Talent retention

You should not join a company to just do a job, join a company where you can make a career. You must be owner of your career development.

Giving advice to young talents, Thanh said that opportunities, career progression and compensation will come for those who have a willingness to learn, explore new things, an ambition to be better and determination to achieve goals. By doing these, you are increasing your own value day by day.