When quality is not measured by how long but how well

October 22, 2020

Small talk with Toan Nguyen, Quality Assurance of the Year

Operating in Vietnam for over 20 years, NashTech has always been a people-centric workplace where our Nashers are valued and appreciated. As such, the annual ‘Employee of the Year’ award is organized to recognize and show gratitude towards outstanding employees.

To continue the series, let’s find out about the 2020 ‘Quality Assurance of the Year’: Mr. Toan Nguyen who shows that quality is not something that is measured by how long but how well you spend your time.

A year and a half: brief but quality time

Toan has been with NashTech for for one and a half years now. Looking back, he said that when he was still a student, NashTech (known as Harvey Nash back then) came to his university for a job fair. This was how Toan came to know about NashTech and its professional, but friendly, environment. Later on, listening to a recommendation from a friend who also works in Quality Assurance, Toan decided to apply to for a role.

Although it’s over one year now I’m still very excited. The emotion is just as high as it was in the first few days when I joined the company. I’m really proud to be a Nasher

Toan feels that he is really fortunate to be able to work with such excellent teammates and wonderful manager like Quality Assurance team.

All these talented people who have extensive knowledge of not just quality assurance but also many other fields, I’m grateful to work with them.

Toan also showed his admiration towards his manager, Ms. Ly Vo. He shared that she always starts meetings energetically, shares the dedication, enthusiasm and positive vibes the team, as a whole, feel.

“I have admired her since the day I joined the company. I take her as my role model to keep improving myself day by day, to keep striving to be the best!”

Sharing about his career path plan, Toan is keen on having more opportunities to challenge himself with projects in new markets, attain more knowledge, hone his professional and personal skills as well as get to know more talented colleagues that he can learn from.

All the good memories

During his time at NashTech, Toan has had many opportunities to develop himself during various projects which give him so many precious memories that would take pages to list out. One of the highlights, which Toan is really proud of, is the CMMI DEV V2.0 project.

I’m really proud to be a part of the project for getting NashTech to be the first company in Vietnam to be appraised at CMMI DEV V2.0 Maturity Level 5. This is such the fruits of our hard work.  

Sharing about being a part of this important project, Toan said that this new CMMI DEV version 2.0 marks a difference that extends beyond its previous version. As such, it brought more challenges to the team.

Countless days and nights of working, back to back meetings and debates, sweat and tears. I see relentless effort from my colleague despite of the stress and heavy workloads, I see the determination as well as the great leadership of my project manager. All of that is what got us to where we are.

Sharing about his emotion of being awarded as Quality Assurance of the Year, Toan shared that it was his honor to receive this award and receive such a strong faith from his manager in him. He also showed humility and said that: “There are many other talented and enthusiastic members in QA team and I’m just a fortunate person to represent the whole team to receive this award.”

A golden compass

Sharing some of his own mottos, Toan said that no matter where you are or what you do, put 100% of your effort and be dedicated in everything you do. Never stop striving, never stop learning. Improve and nurture yourself every day because that knowledge not only benefits you, but also the community.

Recognizing himself as an energetic and cheerful guy, Toan said that having these characteristics is also a nice-to-have factor for, not just your career, but your life as well. People are usually more open and prefer to work or hang out with those who brings positive vibes, enthusiasm and energy in to their work and personal life.