Software testing – Your career path at NashTech

November 26, 2020

What is software testing?

In the software development field, Software Quality Control (SQC) ensures a software product meets the defined specifications/requirements. This usually falls in the phase of Review/Testing in the Software Development Life Cycle.

The software testing process consists of all lifecycle activities, both static and dynamic, related to planning, preparation and evaluation of a component or a system to determine whether they satisfy specified requirements and detect defects.

At NashTech, Quality Control Engineers (QC) are responsible for the manual software testing activities in the projects.

QC Engineer career path

Like any other career, QC Engineers at NashTech have a transparent yet flexible development path for them to explore their full potential to switch the career to another path or continue with the software testing career.

There are two main pathways for employees to nurture and develop for a QC Engineer, which are: Technical Career Path and Management Career Path.

For example, if a Test Lead wishes to explore the management path rather than stay in the technical side, he or she will then shift to the Line Management Career Path or Project Management Career Path and develop to become a Test Team Manager or Associate Project Manager respectively.


Getting started on QC career pathway

If you are considering a career as a QC Engineer, basic knowledge in this field is definitely something you have to be well-prepared. Your understanding of ISTQB Foundation level will be a good place to start. At a more junior level in the testing field, you will be busy with requirement document clarification, test case creation, test execution, reporting and re-testing bugs in the project.

NashTech also offers support and nurtures your growth through various training programs. You will understand more about the software, how it is constructed and where it may fail. Also, individuals will develop greater communication skills and have a good adjustment on the quality of the system as user view experience along with the technical aspects.

Doing Quality Control at the company will help you sharpen not just technical but also soft skills. Being meticulous, having analytical skills, logical thinking and communication skills is what you will have chance to enhance while working as a Nasher.

Growing up as a QC Engineer

Along with the proper knowledge and skills, a QC Engineer is also expected to acquire several qualities to succeed at their job. A person who shows passion, dedication, hardworking, responsibility and dares to challenge themselves is likely someone who achieves accomplishments in their career.

Also, it is important to assess and understand yourself before building your career to make sure the job you choose is a fit for you.

Development in your career requires a great deal of commitment and hard work to show the experience and demonstrated abilities. If you keep learning, growing, taking initiative and stay up to date with the latest trends in your field, there is no mountain that you can’t climb.