Striving for excellence through training activities at NashTech

September 8, 2020

Finding great talent is hard, but it is more challenging to keep talent engaged. At NashTech, we see learning and development of Nashers, our employees, as the key factor to the company’s success in our ‘delivering technology excellence’ mission. We continuously nurture our employees’ passion and support them by offering a variety of training courses, including both technical skills and soft skills.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some training activities that help our Nashers grow personally and professionally.

Process training

Besides the warm welcome messages and the new-hire paperwork, newly-joined Nashers are greeted with the process training program. With courses ranging from the use of internal tools to security and data protection regulations, the process training program introduces fresh Nashers to our company’s procedures and policies.
Via the courses, new members of our NashTech family can get accustomed to the working environment while acquiring essential knowledge quickly.

Technical skills training

Our teams are experts in delivering smart solutions that solve business challenges and create future value. We believe it is important to help our talents constantly advance and expand their technical skillsets, through a diverse range of technical courses that they can take part in.

While courses like ‘Be a Good Developer’ and ‘Software Security’ aim at providing fundamental knowledge for Nashers in all positions, more in-depth courses such as ‘’ and ‘Quality Testing Fundamentals’ are conducted for specific expertise. To make sure that our technical teams can be kept up to date with emerging technologies in a fast-paced IT environment, we also provide more advanced courses such as ‘Microservices Architecture’, ‘Machine Learning Program’, ‘Blockchain 101’ and ‘Cognos Analytics 11’ frequently throughout the year.
Joining the courses, learners have the opportunity to access hands-on skills training from experienced expert trainers. The technical skills training ensures that our teams can develop the necessary competence for tackling current and upcoming sophisticated business challenges.

Soft skills training

Besides technical skills, delivering complex IT projects internationally also requires our employees to have high proficiency in English. At NashTech, we have monthly courses of ‘Intensive English programs’, ‘Internal English’ and ‘English Coaching 1:2’, all of which aim at enriching learners’ English skills, allowing them to be confident when working with international clients.

Nashers can also boost their productivity with various soft skills courses, from the simple ones of ‘Writing an effective email’ and ‘Presentation skill’ to more complex ones of ‘Time management’, ‘Communication skills’ and ‘Emotional management’.

Management and leadership development program

The management and leadership development program is for talents at Team Leader level and above. At NashTech, we believe that leaders and managers are the driving force to help their teams cope and succeed in the face of constant, rapid change.

Nashers joining this program can acquire the required skillset to be passionate, capable leaders, who can efficiently manage teams. Some of the courses in the program are: ‘Advanced problem solving’, ‘Team management’, ‘Change management’ and ‘Conflict management’.

Throughout their career development at NashTech, we make sure that our talents always have access to new knowledge and skills. In-depth, intensive training and development is a key part of NashTech’s employee value proposition, which defines our nurturing and supportive working environment that that embraces Nashers’ professional growth.

With these training strategies in place, we hope our talents will be able to tackle a wide range of business challenges and generate the high level of performance with great confident!