Growth and comfort do not coexist – Explore the stories of our Support Analyst of the Year

February 17, 2021

People are the greatest asset of any organisation. It is with the determination and dedication of our people that enables our business growth, creates long-term value and contributes to society.

At NashTech, we believe in the limitless potential of our talents and their capabilities to bring success. In celebration of the outstanding achievement and significant contribution of our Nashers, we proudly organise the annual employee of the year award.

This week will be featuring Ms. Chau Phan – the spectacular individual who has earned herself the title “support analyst of the year”  in 2019.

Chau Phan and her “growth mindset”

Chau developed her passion for becoming a support analyst through an internship at her first company where she worked on a service operations project. It has been eight years since Chau decided to focus on this career path, and two years since she joined the NashTech family as a young, ambitious support analyst.

As a competent support analyst, Chau spends a good amount of time improving her skills. From her perspective, a great support analyst needs to have a passion for growth.

The technology world is constantly changing and clients demand up-to-date solutions for their business. In order to satisfy their needs and support them all the way to success, you must be eager to learn and willing to acquire new knowledge – Chau shared.

A “growth mindset” is about learning from mistakes, turning stress into productivity and turning obstacles into opportunities. Instead of hiding in her comfort zone, Chau faces every challenge with confidence, knowing that she will learn something valuable from these experiences and move on to even greater accomplishments. For Chau, the path of a “growth mindset” is never easy but it motivates her to step forward and become a better version of herself.

A meaningful time at NashTech

Before becoming a Nasher, Chau learned through her friends and colleagues that NashTech is one of the leading companies in the information technology field. Chau was impressed by the enthusiastic working spirit and the motivational culture at NashTech, which inspires people to challenge themselves and go extra mile to bring  value. She also said that the flexible working time is the most unique element of NashTech as it helps her balance between her professional and personal life.

We asked Chau to share her most remarkable achievement of working at NashTech, and she humbly shared that it is bringing satisfaction to clients from her past and present projects. With a proud smile on her face, Chau shared that she received so many compliments and praise from clients in every project that she worked on. 

Talking about the future, Chau shares with us her plan for her personal development:

I am looking forward to advancing myself and bringing more value to the company. I will also spend time gaining new technical knowledge and catch up with the latest IT trends to bring more practical solutions for clients – said Chau.

The world of information technology is changing day by day and it is increasingly important to be familiar with the global pace while being adaptive to changes and adversities. With a forward-thinking mindset and superb expertise, Chau is ready to take on new challenges and to further advance in her career.