Tough situations build strong people – an inspiring story from our tech lead of the year

February 2, 2021

Throughout 20 years of development, NashTech has always taken pride in the people-oriented approach where our Nashers are encouraged to advance their expertise and excel in their career.

In celebration of our talents and their excellence during the year 2019, NashTech is delighted to hold the annual award “employee of the year” to express gratitude for individuals who achieve outstanding levels of performance.

In this article, we would like to introduce Thinh Tran – the talented Nasher who made his name in the “tech lead of the year” award.

Two years of learning and growing at NashTech

Thinh started his journey with NashTech in 2018 and officially took on the role of technical lead just a year ago. A day at work in the life of Thinh consists of meeting and supporting clients, managing the team, monitoring the workflow, as well as overseeing any potential technical issues. Sharing about his job, Thinh said it was restless and fulfilling at the same time. From the beginning, it took him a good amount of time to familiarize himself with the whole “new” situation – new environment, new requirements, new colleagues. Despite all of the exchange, Thinh finds his career and journey at NashTech especially rewarding. Side by side with his team members, he has been able to build a brand-new project entirely from the ground, which he proudly calls “his most remarkable achievement”. Thinh shared with a smile, “I enjoy every second of it, I love what I do and I am happy that I have a chance to work hard for it.”  “Although it was tiring and confusing sometimes, I am grateful that it happened. Our life is full of ups and downs, but unexpected adversities may become the greatest opportunities in the future. I believe in the old saying no pain, no gain – everyone goes through difficulties in life, but what matters is how you learn from it” – Thinh said.

The story behind the title “tech lead of the year”

We asked Thinh to share the secret that has led to his ‘tech lead of the year’ award and he thinks it is down to his initiative spirit and carefulness. Being a responsible tech lead, Thinh has to ensure that the requirements and scope of a project are communicated clearly with different stakeholders to prevent any potential misunderstandings that could de-rail the project. Therefore, it is critical for Thinh to carefully oversee the work process, as well as initiatively converse with several parties. “I think it is important to raise questions and express your thoughts when needed, those are the qualities of a competent technical lead.” – he advised.

How the culture at NashTech has inspired Thinh to learn and grow

When being asked about the reason behind choosing NashTech, Thinh pointed out that the professional working environment and the corporate benefits are the most vital factors that make NashTech the perfect workplace for him and many of his friends.

It is fascinating for Thinh to see how employees at NashTech are appreciated and encouraged. The motivational spirit is well-spread among the people and the energy never runs out.

During his time working at NashTech, Thinh has been able to excel in his professional life and more importantly, develop meaningful and lifelong relationships with others – which he considers priceless to his personal growth. “I was able to overcome all the challenges and stay true to myself all thanks to the great support of my dear colleagues. I truly hope we can keep working hard together and creating valuable outcomes for our clients and the company” – Thinh shared.

Looking forward to a bright future

As a technical professional, Thinh always strives to become a better version of himself. He has several plans to advance his competences, particularly in the area of coding and honing his expertise in technical areas.

With the upcoming future full of ambition and plans, Thinh remains positive for the promising future ahead as he steps into a new phase of his career with a confident mind.