Embrace and respect the challenges – explore the stories of our daring Test Leads of the year

December 18, 2020

Every step we take here at NashTech is driven by a “people first” approach. When it comes to our employees, we create the conditions in which Nashers can be content and passionate about their jobs, as well as motivated to commit fully to the organisation.

NashTech takes joy in organising the annual “employee of the year” award to celebrate the contribution of our talents. This week we will be featuring Ms. Ngoc Tran and Mr. Cuong Nguyen – two stellar individuals who have earned themselves the title “test lead of the year”.

Ms. Ngoc Tran and her 6 years of dedication

Taking on the role of a test lead at NashTech could be both hectic and fulfilling. As the test lead of SMI – a ten-year-old project at NashTech, a day at work of Ngoc Tran consists of supporting clients and project managers, monitoring the quality control team as well as testing to update business knowledge throughout the day. Through her sharing, we discovered that this position demands a high level of flexibility since, sometimes, she needs to play the role of a business analyst to clarify requirements and give some suggestion to the team based on project knowledge that she gained over the years, then proceed with making a complete and detailed requirement with team and send back to the client.

Despite the heavy volume of work, Ngoc finds her career and journey at NashTech especially rewarding. Moving to Saigon seven years ago, Ngoc chose NashTech as the place where she would embark on her new career path. Through a culture of caring, active listening and respect towards its employees, NashTech has made Ngoc, the youngest member in the project at the time, feel valued and supported. Ngoc also shared with us that her seniors were constantly there to motivate and support her and they play a major role in shaping who she is today.
To Ngoc, the “test lead of the year” award demonstrates NashTech’s strong sense of employee recognition and how employee experience is always taken into account making her feel recognised and valued. This award is definitely a springboard which allows Ngoc to keep moving forward and earning more testing skills in different domains.

Inspiring sharing from Mr. Cuong Nguyen

We are delighted to get a chance to listen to Cuong Nguyen’s sharing – the joint winner of “test lead of the year” award alongside with Ngoc Tran. We got a fascinating answer out of Cuong by asking him about this current scope of work as a test lead. He describes himself as the problem-solver of a project, if something went wrong or malfunctioned within a project, he will be in charge of coping with it. Cuong also humorously added that if issues do not emerge, his team will make up their own problems to deal with.

One thing at NashTech which Cuong relishes the most is the fact that a pecking order is seemingly a non-existent phenomenon and the only notion that stands between employees are “colleagues”. This culture significantly improves employee morale and engagement as well as tackles any misunderstanding by eliminating the fear of communicating with seniors. Cuong also recalled the 2019 company trip as his fondest memories at NashTech since it was the perfect occasion for everyone to unwind after a whole year of hard work. A great chance for everyone to gather around, enjoy a few drinks and immerse themselves in music, a truly enjoyable time.

The title of this article was inspired by Cuong’s motto and also his counsel to young and talented individuals out there who aspire to become a part of our NashTech family.

“Embrace and respect the challenges”.

Challenges and hurdles are an inherent part of any journey, Cuong advises future Nashers to be gritty and prepared as well as enjoy their career as it unfolds.

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