The inspirational journey of Tri Nguyen

May 20, 2020

The most important asset of NashTech isn’t the products we create or the service we provide. It’s the employees that clock in and out of work every day. One way that NashTech expresses our gratitude is by holding an annual ceremony called Employee Of The YearThree Nashers have made their name in Project Manager of The Year category.  

This week, let’s get to know Tri Nguyen and his journey at NashTech. 

Tri Nguyen joined NashTech in November 2012 as a Senior Quality Control EngineerAt the end of 2015, he became Team Leader for the project of a large UK based client. Three years later, he took a significant step forward to become the manager of a project in fitness industry which operates across Asia. Tri Nguyen has been working with this project and this prestigious client since then.  

This is my first project as a manager. There were many challenges, which can’t break me, but make me. 

No pain no gain 

Tri Nguyen shared with us that taking the step into a managerial position hasn’t always been easymore senior position entails greater responsibilitiesso, there were many challenges and new tasks to handle 

Project Manager’s typical duties include estimating project work, building project plans, and monitoring project scope and progress. One of the most important responsibilities is managing relationships with all people involved in a project.  

An effective Project Manager must be able to keep team morale up and ensure stakeholders stay happy from the beginning of a project until it ends. As a result, Tri has been thriving on resolving the managerial issueand improving his communication skills with both colleagues and clients.  

As African proverb sayings that “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Whenever Tri faced with any difficulties, he always had the support from Nghia Pham, Ngoc Le and Tuyen Phan, who gave him valuable advice in works. 

“When I joined the project, there was only 6 people in my team. It has now increased to more than 50 people.”

Tri proudly told us about the expansion of his team at NashTech.  

He is extremely jubilant to be one of the Project Managers of the year 

I would like to express the sincerest thanks to my seniors and my teammatesEspecially Nghia PhamNgoc Le and Tuyen Phan.

Tri says that it’s difficult to define what makes a “good” Project Manager. There are no specific standards to define them. However, he says a project manager should possess: 

  • Good communication: They must ensure that everyone’s clear on project objectives, status and expectations, give a clear instruction for both members and clients.  
  • Good problem-solving skills 
  • Supportiveness
  • Good management knowledge/ Hands-on management experience 

NashTech in him 

love NashTech, because of its flexibility in working and my strong bond with colleagues. Nashers are very lovely and proactive.

What he enjoys the most is watching his junior members strive and be successful. He shared that he is lucky to work with such proactive teammates. Besides his development on the road of a Project Manager, he always tries to help them as much as he canThis is one of NashTech’s core values  Collaborative – We take ownership but also draw on the benefits of teamwork and collaboration 

Tri Nguyen has showed a NashTech’s spirit through his whole career with usPerhaps his fascinating journey at NashTech has in part become the motivation for him to stay and develop his career here. The award not only shows his potential in advancement and leadership, but it also helps him set new goals, keeping the energy in the office high.  

NashTech would like to thank the contribution of Tri Nguyen, and all Nashers like him. They are a great motivation for us all to fulfill our goal in Vietnam, which is to create the best place for IT talent.