3 useful tips to nail your interview with clients

November 19, 2020

At NashTech, to be assigned on a client project, Nashers, out talented employees, must express their skills and expertise via an interview directly with the client.

Like any other interview, it is no wonder that the process can be intimidating. However, the more time you take in advance to prepare, the more comfortable you’ll feel during the actual interview and the better you’ll impress the client. Thorough preparation plays a key role in the success of a client interview.

In this article, we will offer some tips on how to prepare for an interview with a client.

Conduct comprehensive research

Understanding the organization that is considering your competence does not stop at getting to know the business itself. It is important that you set aside time to research the client’s business domain. Without understanding how the business process works, it can be difficult to understand where it’s going and determine how to build or customize systems to support that direction.

Try to ask yourself some questions about the client, such as:

  • Who is their customer?
  • What are the products and services?
  • How are the products or services provided? (online, phone, in-person sales)
  • How does the organization produce the products or services?
  • What information does the organization manage? Who is responsible for creating, updating, and retiring information? What systems are used to manage the information?

By answering these questions, using the company’s website and other public sources, you can get an insight at the industry of your client, the operation and the potential areas for improvement. This will indicate that you are well-prepared should any questions come up in the interview.

Prepare for a good self-introduction

A good and informative self-introduction is a must. It should cover as many of the client ‘hot spots’ as possible. which requires you to have a good understanding of the technology stack of the project.

For example, if a client interviews you for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) role, you need to spend more time highlighting your ERP-related experience than any other.

Also, spending time preparing and rehearsing the answers for some potential questions regarding your experience in software development is highly recommended. Let your introduction exude a proactive, energetic attitude so you are sure to impress the interviewer.

Practice your English and communication skills

At NashTech, we excel in delivering complex IT projects internationally. According to our experts, the two things that matter the most for international client are the skills of the candidates and their English. There is an assumption that Vietnamese developers are talented but lack good communication skills. Conveying your ideas disruptively using improper English may show that you lack confidence, no matter how good your skillset is.

You can start by reading the resources that you have become familiar with, but in English. At NashTech, there are monthly courses to improve proficiency in English that you can join, including intensive courses that provide the necessary English ability in the shortest time.

In the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, you may be required to conduct an interview with client online. Learn more about how to impress your interviewers online here