An obstacle is often a stepping stone – heartfelt sharing from our two “unsung heroes of the year”

October 16, 2020

The one value that we have consistently upheld and reinforced here at NashTech, since day one, is the culture of employee recognition. NashTech believes that without the dedication of our incredible colleagues, we would not have attained such extent of growth and success.

We strive to honor our employee’s ongoing achievement and contribution, both informally and formally through the annual “employee of the year” awards – our biggest employee appreciation event.

In today’s article, we would like to introduce you to Mr. Tung Tran and Ms. Han Thai, who have both made their name in the “Unsung Hero of the year” category this year.

Mr. Tung Tran – Behind every success is a great team

Tung Tran is a returning Nasher who took a short break and rejoined NashTech in 2018 as a Talent Acquisition Executive at HR Department. Tung is currently in charge of talent acquisition, specifically, his primary domain is assisting talent acquisition process with the purpose of finding suitable candidates for certain projects. Tung shared with us that working at NashTech has been a rewarding and delightful experience for him which enables him to elevate his performance, this could be attributed to the supportive and encouraging work environment created by his colleagues at HR department and the Talent Acquisition team in particular.

We were moved to know that Tung also takes pride in being a Nasher and sees his workplace as his second home. Tung is also impressed with NashTech’s well-established career path and benefits package for their employees.

When Tung was asked about his most unforgettable memory at NashTech, he recalled going through an appendectomy earlier this year, and was asked by the doctor to take a hiatus from work while recovering. A couple of days after the surgery, he was so happy when his colleagues came to visit. On Tung’s return to work, his fellow colleagues in the HR department also threw a surprise party to welcome him back, this was such a heartwarming and touching experience for Tung since his colleagues have never failed to make him feel like a part of a close-knit community and he was beyond grateful for the support and sentiment from his team.

According to Tung, his ‘unsung hero’ award is not just for him. It is because of the team’s selfless efforts and contribution over the past year, that he has achieved this award. Tung would also want to extend his deepest gratitude to everyone at NashTech, especially, the HR and Talent Acquisition team. He also sees this award as a milestone that will encourage him to make greater contribution to the company in the upcoming period.

Ms. Han Thai – Keep striving so you can look back and be proud

Ms Han is the Senior Purchasing Executive at NashTech and came across as a lovely and friendly colleague who, in her free time, is fond of multiple activities such as reading, travelling and watching stage play.
Her main responsibility at NashTech is purchasing miscellaneous products for the company, including collaborating with other departments to organize evens for Software Development (SD) and Business Process Solutions (BPS) in both Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Han finds this job particularly fascinating and refreshing owing to the fact that she gets to meet and interact with a lot of people at the company.

Plus, she also shared that there is a certain sense of achievement in her daily task since everyone in the company has to go through her team first in order to purchase any item. However, “with great power comes great responsibility”, when peak periods hit, Han’s team tended to get overloaded with requests flooding in from all of the departments, this period could be incredibly hectic and exhausting.

Recalling the reason why she chose NashTech, it came to Han inadvertently through the introduction of a friend, she discovered that NashTech owns a professional work environment with plenty of room for their employees to learn and grow, that’s when she decided to become a Nasher.

Han could not contain her excitement when she was asked about her feelings on the day she knew that she would become a Nasher. Han shared that she was genuinely elated and honored to earn an opportunity to work in an active professional, and amiable environment. Han was also well pleased to be able to work in a renowned company that is always listed as one of the companies with the best working environment in Vietnam.

2020 marks Han’s six-year journey at NashTech, but her most unforgettable memory is during the year of 2015, which also marked NashTech 15th anniversary. She was able to participate in different events to celebrate such milestone. After being given the chance to join the organization team of such events, Han has learned a lot from the experience and it was awe-inspiring for her as she was thoroughly impressed by the scope of the events and the magnitude of business at NashTech

As someone who has witnessed the establishment and execution of the “unsung hero of the year” award, Han reckons that this is an incredibly meaningful award that was designed to recognize and honor the contribution of the individuals within the “support team”

Han’s motto is:

Keep trying your best, even though your efforts might not come to fruition in the end, you will not regret anything, since you’ve already put in everything you’ve got