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IT Girl and The Story of Travelling 17 Countries

September 12, 2017

Despite working in IT industry, Nguyen Thi Phong Ly can speak English as a native speaker and she is an avid Zumba dancer. Born in the 1980s, she travels abroad regularly to “go shopping”, loves trekking and has travelled in more than 17 countries.

Not like other IT girls, despite her ladylike appearance, Phong Ly is a pro in trekking. She has discovered and experienced the lifestyle and culture of 17 different countries, such as America, England, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Alaska and other wild lands. It is these trips that help Ly find new points of view for life and get a better understanding of cultures, helping her do better work in IT.

Phong Ly on a business trip in the USA

Having dreamt of being a tour guide, Phong Ly has found herself in the IT industry. Although she graduated from Information Technology Management and has been working in this field more than 15 years, she never regrets her decision to give up her ‘tour guide’ dream.

“When working at professional workplaces in IT companies, doing global projects, I have had many chances not only to learn and grow myself, but also to travel and experience different cultures”, Ly shares her opinions when working at NashTech.

From her first day at NashTech – an IT company and consulting business focusing on digital strategies, cloud based services and doing global projects, Ly has had the chance not only to challenge herself in different aspects in a professional company, but also to travel to UK and USA. NashTech is a part of Harvey Nash Group plc, and has offices in Vietnam and more than 8 other countries.

Phong Ly in her own trip


Phong Ly said, “I work at NashTech as a Business Analyst, bridging the clients to other areas of the company. I am in charge of the market in Europe and America, so I have a lot of chances to travel to countries in these areas. I have just come back after six months working in Seattle (USA).” Ly also shared that, if she were a tour guide, she would never have had opportunities to work at global companies as she does today.

Ly has been to the USA five times and to the UK four times. Each visit normally lasts around six months. Apart from the work, she loves trekking and has found that she still has time to discover wild lands of America, such as Alaska, Sequoia, Canyon, Rocky Mountain, Mountain Rainier and has spent time roaming the old towns of Europe.

During her time working in Vietnam, Phong Ly also has chances to “travel” every day when working with people having different cultural backgrounds in multi-national environment of NashTech.


“Travelling and IT are two of my passions”, Phuong Ly said

“NashTech offers me lots of opportunities to travel abroad, which helps expose me to new things. I can see myself growing up, seeing life, cultures and people in multi-points of view. It is the experiences that helps me work more efficiently with foreign clients. Only when we understand their cultures and languages do they see us as teammates, not service-providers”, the girl born in 1980s shared.

When asked whether Ly feels bored of the IT work, which is usually considered boring and colourless, Ly shakes her head. “Working in a global company and doing many different global projects, I can see myself being challenged and growing every day. That is the dream of every IT practitioner. Additionally, my colleagues are joyful and energetic. Contrary to the stereotypical image of coders – “big head with big nerdy glasses”, thanks to the international environment, we are very open-minded. It is not easy to find such a great place to work in this IT industry”, Ly shared.



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