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Where is the opportunity for IT graduates to reach their dreams?

August 11, 2017

The demand for IT programmers has surged to a new historic peak, according to the employment data report on VietnamWorks and topITworks. While there are many opportunities for students in the IT industry, seeking an ideal workplace to show their talents and making their footprints on the big industry present challenges for IT students.

Informational technology – A “gold” land hungry for human resources

As the IT industry is growing, it plays an important role across different industries. In the time that both local and international technology companies keep expanding their market shares in Vietnam, the IT industry turns out to be the most hungry one for employees. According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, the demand for IT human resources increases by 13% annually. Following the national human resources planning, it requires millions of Vietnamese workers to meet the demand of the industry. Besides, the latest Navigos Search’s report shows that the needs for recruiting programmers and software engineers are significantly rising.

With the high level of skills, knowledge, creativity and hardworking attitude, Vietnamese young engineers are undoubtedly outstanding candidates to be part of the professional work environment. However, many of them have the same weakness, which is lacking of communication skills. The limit in using English is the main cause preventing them from the opportunities and being part of the global-scale projects. Thus, it requires the Vietnamese young IT talents to spend huge effort on gaining knowledge and expertise to raise their names in a highly-competitive international environment.

NashTech – The kick-start for Vietnamese young IT talents

An ideal working environment, where the focus is on talents reaching their potential and having wide opportunities to learn and work on the very large scale projects, is how the young IT talents should start their careers. Rising to be one of Vietnam’s IT leading companies, NashTech – part of Harvey Nash Group plc is the dream workplace for Vietnamese young IT talents. NashTech, with 20 years of experience providing consulting and technology development services, cloud services, developing digital platforms, analysis and integrating systems to the world’s leading businesses, is powered by over 1,600 talented engineers and specialists to do global projects for “big” clients, such as Google, Ford and Nestle.

NashTech aims to build an international working environment with its employees coming from different parts of the world and promote its talent development policies. Gaining practical learning experience is the outstanding point that NashTech offers for their employees. The policy strongly focuses on the development of employees’ talents making NashTech one of the most desirable workplaces for the young IT talents. Thus, NashTech is probably a “gold” beginning for any engineers or IT talents who aim to build their professional careers. Along with optimising employees’ potentials, NashTech always encourages its employees to make their first steps on a challenging, exciting and full of opportunities career path.

Being challenged through global projects helps NashTech’s employees grow fast.

Being a man’s world is what come to people’s mind whenever they hear of IT employees; however, NashTech, proves this is far from the truth. The policies of fairness and equal talent development bring the special favors to NashTech’s female employees.

Women are empowered to enhance their abilities as to do their favorite job at NashTech. It is rare to see a woman who gets herself in the IT industry because women tend to play a minor part, or to be assumed as those who are not able to hold the leadership position.


NashTech focuses on fairness and equal talent development

However, NashTech has proved this idea to be completely wrong. “NashTech gives me a life that I desire to be living with traveling, the chances to meet many people, to gain more knowledge, and, most importantly, empowers me to be a stronger and joyful person”, said Ly, one of the female leaders within the company.

For fresh IT graduates, finding the first workplace is very important to give them the direction for their career paths, and personal development in the future.

Meanwhile, the IT industry is increasing its demands for the talents who are not only the highly-skilled employees, but also have good communication skills and high capability of foreign languages, to get them involved in the global market trend.

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