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Communication is the art you need to master – The inspirational interview with Mr. Tuyen Le, NashTech Hanoi Operations Director

June 2, 2020

Many people usually assume that it will be best to choose and stay in only one career path for your entire life and such, refrain from switching to another job due to many reasons. But, even the most successful people dare to change their career directions, as long as it’s worth it. And Mr. Tuyen Le, our Hanoi Operation Director is definitely a role model for this dare-to-do story.

From teaching to managing: a fascinating journey

Spending his student life abroad, Tuyen started his career path with a teaching role in a university in Hanoi. Becoming a lecturer, this also fulfilled his parents’ wish. So, when he decided to switch to a new career direction and immerse himself in the technology industry, this decision worried them, especially about the uncertainty it may bring.

However, after all these years, Tuyen has proved to not only his parents but also everyone else that he has made one of the most significant decisions that has led to a successful and happy life.

Tuyen moved from teaching to working in IT industry as an embedded engineer for an international company prior to joining NashTech in 2011. Throughout his journey of almost 10 years at NashTech, Tuyen has harvested himself a bank of good memories. He recalled one of the memorable days when NashTech organized the Family Day and invited his parents to visit the company.

“I can see from their eyes that they were truly happy, experiencing the environment that their son is working in, the environment that facilitates their son’s growth”. Tuyen shared.

Ten years, three positions, second home, one journey

Tuyen’s journey at NashTech started as Project Manager, then Delivery Manager and finally, Hanoi Operation Director, which has been his role since 2015. In ten years, he has held three different positions. For Tuyen, NashTech is not just a company, it has become his second home.

Tuyen shared that at NashTech, he finds the leaders to be honest, open and truly care for the members. The goal of the leaders at NashTech is to create more job opportunities for Vietnamese engineers and that is what motivates and inspires Tuyen.

“NashTech is where people, regardless of the position or the level, work in harmony as a team to achieve the great result”.

In Tuyen’s opinion, the most unique part of NashTech is that the company provides a myriad of training to members at all level.

“As a second home for all employees, NashTech doesn’t just offer a place to work, it also provides a wide range of growth opportunities for the employees through training, courses, workshops, etc. I’ve seen myself grow in this environment. I’ve seen many other people grow to be excellent engineers, who are not only contributing to NashTech but also to the community”, he emphasized.

Since NashTech is a global company with offices and clients around the globe, it gives Nashers (our employees) many prosperous opportunities in learning from international colleagues and clients.

Communication – The language of leadership

Besides sharing on his career path, Tuyen also gave thoughtful opinion on the key to success. For him, in order to become a successful international engineer or manager or leader, besides the good core skills, communication is the art that everyone need to master.

He shared that there were cases in which a good engineer had missed an opportunity to work onsite because their language skills were lacking. Or there were some people who couldn’t be promoted to the leading role due to poor communication skills.

“Communication is not only about foreign language capability, it’s also about the capability of listening to others’ ideas, understanding others’ situation and expectations, presenting your ideas in a structured and logic approach” He emphasized.

Tuyen also said that communication can be learned and practiced. It will facilitate the success in not only professional but also personal life.