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Harvey Nash Football Team Wins 2016 UCL Cup

May 19, 2016

Our Football Team won the 2016 UCL Cup after defeating Danieli at penalty shoot-out (3-1) on 15 April 2016.

Being a seed for the Champion, we started the tournament in Group B, known as a tough group with three strong teams: Vinamilk, Danieli, and Ila. However, with determination, we finished stage group at the first position of Group B. The only regret was that almost half of the team got injury and we had to fight the two matches Semi-final and Final with a limited team and strategy. Luckily, in the difficulty we found ourselves, spirit of a champion, we defeated Galaxy Cinema team in the Semi-Final and confidently started the Final match with one score ahead in the early minutes of the second half. Finally, we defeated Danieli team at the penalty, winning UCL Cup, and also the title of Best Goalkeeper (Dong Nguyen – SE).

Let’s cheer our HVN Football Team for the first Champion Cup in 2016, a hard year for protecting our HCA champion and reaching the hat-trick of ICT champion.