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Ms. Pham Thi Tuyet Loan, CTO of NashTech, inspires all women who are pursuing their own passion in the Technology Sector

April 14, 2020

Ms. Pham Thi Tuyet Loan, CTO of NashTech, inspires all women who are pursuing their own passion in the Technology Sector.

March – During the month when the world honors great women for International Women’s Day, NashTech also spreads the positivity for equality for women with the inspiring story of Ms. Pham Thi Tuyet Loan, CTO of NashTech. She hopes that her positive thoughts will inspire more women who gravitate towards the Technology Sector and pursue their own passion in STEM. Loan has worked with NashTech for 12 years and has been our esteemed Chief Technology Officer since 2015.

According to UNESCO, women continue to be a minority in science, accounting for nearly 29% of the global research workforce (2018). Among the leading technology groups in the world such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, on average only 20% of job positions are held by women. These figures mean that many people think that success for women in the IT industry – the field which is almost dominated by men – is challenging.

However, the reality is different:

If you know what you are passionate about and have a concrete plan for a detailed career path, no matter what field you are involved in, your success rate will undoubtedly be over 90% – says Ms. Pham Thi Tuyet Loan.

Success is when you dare to be a dream chaser and recognized with your own dreams

Identifying herself as a quiet personality girl since elementary school, Loan says, “I’ve always been so tempted to accomplish things that others judge me to not be capable of.”

This thought became clearer whenever she walked to school as a young girl, passing a Power Station every day. She kept wondering whether it was true that only men can perform technical or engineering jobs. Deep in her mind the answer to this question came to the surface, and the answer was “No”. Women can definitely do these same jobs.

That mindset has been strengthened throughout time, both during her time at the HCMC University of Technology and during the pursuit of her career path that led to her becoming CTO of NashTech.

At University Loan chose the topic for her graduation thesis to be: “Optimizing Parallel Processing Network”, however many people in the faculty advised her to opt for a different topic that was easier and more suitable for women. Once again, this “advice” brought Loan a powerful motivation, and generated a greater passion to undertake meaningful research and became a success.

Looking back on her journey starting as an elementary student, Loan feels fortunate to be so courageous and has always been consistent with her dreams. Her career journey has been a straight line that was determined by her passion to conquer herself.

People can choose to come and go. However, one of the most convincing options to stay is mainly based on emotion

12 years – more than a decade at NashTech, that is long enough for Ms. Loan Pham to see NashTech as a home with close colleagues. No matter when she is asked to answer the question: what has kept her so tight in this place, the result is always, because “the people at NashTech are so nice and kind.”

Ms. Loan Pham – the leader of the powerful Tech team always feels grateful to her co-workers who have been working with her through hard-times and good times and have the same truth in a long journey. Together, they see NashTech as a family-friendly place to make substantial contributions, and ensure NashTech is in a leading position as a technology solution provider in Vietnam.

She shared that due to both the specific characteristics of the job and the minority of women in this field, she gains much love and respect from others. Moreover, she feels fortunate to have opportunities to work and be supported by an excellent team of individuals who are talented, hard-working, knowledgeable, skilled and practical.

Ms. Loan Pham – CTO of NashTech Vietnam hopes that her story will inspire the spirit of “dare to dream, dare to achieve your dream” for women who are interested in technology.

She believes that the biggest obstacle for women in IT and STEM careers is not capacity, but rather gender prejudice from society, and sometimes that stems from inside ‘yourself”.

The workforce at NashTech is top class and all women here are great

Speaking of her wishes at this time, she shared:

In recent years, Vietnam has made significant technological breakthroughs and NashTech is so proud to be a part of it. We are lucky to have a wide range of excellent technical engineers who deserve to receive both nationwide and international recognition for their work and knowledge in; Microservices, Cloud, Automation, AI / ML, DevSecOps, Digital Modernization and Innovation as a service. We are lucky to have a number of experts including: Thang Chung, Thanh Duong, Thien Nguyen, Phi Huynh, Phuong Le, Math Ngo, Thanh Le.

Fortunately, the current society now has a more progressive mindset and this has driven significant changes. The younger generation is encouraged and empowered to pursue their dreams, regardless of gender. It’s great that women are truly given chances to prove their ability to be role models.

Please keep the flame of passion and enthusiasm to overcome all challenges of yourself and society. Let’s master the life according to your wishes, my dear colleagues!

More inspirational quotes from Ms. Loan Pham

“The restrictions of others are not yours. These are a great power for you to move on and get better.”

“If men can do this stuff, women can even do it better. Gender is not the obstacle to block your dreams and careers,”

“The most effective weapons of women are to be persistent, meticulous and excel at the persuasive Arts.”