Vietnamese young talents are capable of undertaking global projects if given the opportunity

October 12, 2017

The IT industry is growing and changing every hour around the world, and in Vietnam specifically. Being able to catch up and respond quickly to the latest technology trends is always a challenge for young people. The concern is whether Vietnamese young people are able to get themselves involved in global technology projects with international colleagues.

Ms. Tran Phan Nam – HR Director at NashTech, has shared the opportunities and challenges that young talents are facing when participating in global technology projects.

Ms. Tran Phan Nam, HR Director of NashTech, has given positive comments on Vietnamese young talents in this fierce global market

The tendency to work at global company

The tendency to work for a multinational or foreign company is increasing, not only for senior employees, but also for fresh graduates. What do you think about this?

International companies attract potential employees in a number of ways such as the professional working environment, a wide range of opportunities to learn and the challenge to improve personal skills. In my opinion, young people are “trendy” by getting themselves ready for the type of company they want to contribute to, which are, mostly, international ones. This is not a trend of international orientation but just simply a choice. Being aware of future career opportunities encourages young people to make a huge effort for the place where they aspire to work.

Could you share about the advantages and disadvantages of working at a foreign company in general?

It can’t be denied that the professional environment of multinational companies offers employees more professional development opportunities, especially to work with foreign colleagues who come from different parts of the world.

Young people are proving that they are capable of undertaking global-scale projects if given the chance. For example, at NashTech, we create opportunities for young talents to participate in global projects and to provide the most dominant technology trends for “big” clients. By continuously taking part in international projects, you are always up to date with the world’s latest trends and being an effective employee in a multinational environment.

However, competitive pressure is inevitable in any workplace. It requires employees to keep learning and putting their best effort into work. Since technology always develops, failure to move forward will push you back. Let’s look on the bright side, you should see it as an opportunity to develop yourself (smile).

How has NashTech made its workplace more international?

As the technology and advisory department of Harvey Nash Group plc, NashTech focuses on creating a dynamic work environment, where employees are encouraged to express their own creativity and personal perspectives. NashTech is where you can collaborate with foreign co-workers on “big” projects such as handling and analysing over 100 million photos for billions of customers on Google shopping, or developing automated parking technology for Ford cars. It is in these projects that talents gain a solid background and can look ahead their long-term careers.

Stay local, impact global

How are NashTech employees trained to adapt to the global working environment?

At NashTech, knowledge and practical professional skills are set through the top leading projects with international, world-class clients as well as from your experienced colleagues. You will take part in our cultural exchange programs and employees are encouraged to participate in language courses, social events and sporting activities to ensure their work-life balance. Investment in human resources is always the top priority at NashTech.

Working in a multinational environment and learning from experienced colleagues are key advantages for employees of NashTech.

Do you think the young programmers and fresh graduates meet the criteria for working in a foreign company like NashTech?

Vietnam’s economy is growing strongly, resulting in a significant demand for human resources. At the moment, we are seeking young people who are creative, willing to learn and take on challenges. Having good communication skills, a high capability in foreign languages and being passionate to self-improve are also required, alongside expertise. Proving your talent is how to stand out from other potential employees at NashTech.

Are there any specific requirements for fresh graduates to work at NashTech?

Young people will be the next generation of NashTech’s employees. What we need from them is nothing more than their creativity, critical thinking, enthusiasm at work and teamwork. We are also proud of our Fresher and Direct Entry programs where young talents can be challenged and developed.

Finally, do you have any advice for young IT students?

“Success comes only to those who are patient.” And if you wish to work for multinational companies, you should be well-equipped with your language skills.

Thank you for the interview!