High tech talent demand is driving Industry 4.0

May 27, 2019

As demand for high tech talent continues to sky rocket across the globe, NashTech is in the midst of a significant transformation when it comes to software talent in Vietnam to satisfy global sourcing demands.

According to Cuong Nguyen, Managing Director of NashTech Vietnam, “Industry 4.0 is unleashing the potential of company operations globally; which is fueling demand for talents to deliver. Employing this talent locally can be expensive, and hard to come by, which is why NashTech is calling for high tech talents to join the fast growing workforce at its Vietnam operations.”

Navigos Group’s recent report, which focuses on ‘Vietnamese tech staff in the face of new technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain’, indicates that the top 5 technologies that tech staff intend to learn in the near future are:

1. AI

2. Blockchain

3. Date Science

4. Machine learning – deep learning

5. Internet Security

However, it is reported that they face obstacles with their education, specifically;

– No opportunity to translate theory into practice

– No professional training school

– Having to learn from foreign websites without [having] language [cap]ability

Are you an IT talent looking to gain experience and have a desire to be at the fore of software development in some of the newest technology solutions, such as Artificial Intelligence, Data & Analytics, Blockchain and Cloud Computing?

Founded in 2000, and part of Harvey Nash Group, NashTech has a vision to deliver outstanding software creations using its high talent pool in Vietnam. Throughout 2019, NashTech aims to motivate and bring out the creator in every IT talent. Technologies are innovating every day, leading us to a more hassle-free life.

At NashTech you will get to work on some of the most desirable solutions in the 4.0 era:

– In wearables, NashTech helps one of the largest South Korean multinational electronics companies develop a new application that allows users to synchronize their smart watch with their iOS device

– Partnering with Singapore’s leading post-secondary learning institute, using deep learning and neuro-linguistic programming to help shorten and improve the marking and grading process drives innovation and development in AI solutions

– Blockchain has been used to solve two main problems for HR: basic verification and transaction process. Basic verification is the process by which employers and agencies confirm the identity of an individual and transaction is the process of a person achieving their ultimate goal, such as a new job

The belief at NashTech is that behind every great company, there is a fantastic team of people that nurture ideas and bring them to life. Investing in employees’ personal and professional development seriously, means NashTech ranks in the top 50 of Nielsen’s overall “100 best places to work 2018” survey in Vietnam and, more proudly, ranking 4th in the IT sector.

NashTech is truly an IT heaven for tech staff who are hungry for knowledge and love to take up challenges.

Do you have the passion to create change? Apply to NashTech today.