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6 Career Driving Perks You Get Working at NashTech

January 23, 2019

The demand for tech professionals has exploded in the past decade. Whether you’re a  business analyst, a software architect or anything in between, it’s likely you’re in the amazingly fortunate position to have a choice of jobs before you.

While having such choice is great, it can make choosing the one that best suits your career goals far more challenging. In such a fast moving industry, mistakes can be costly.

As a leading global IT solutions provider, at NashTech we are committed to the investing in the continual development and success of our people. They are, after all, the foundation of our business and the reason we’re ranked .

If you’re considering a career at NashTech, here are six reasons to join us:

  • Trusted, reputable brand

Since setting-up operations in Vietnam in 2000, NashTech has earned a reputation amongst businesses and tech professionals for its outstanding quality, innovation and professionalism. Our employees wear their NashTech credentials as a badge of honour, knowing the stature that comes with it.

  • Training and development

We value continual improvement very highly at NashTech. The people working at NashTech are career driven and passionate about their profession. To help them achieve their career goals and stay at the very top of their game we invest heavily in personalised training and development for our analysts, testers, software engineers and architects.

  • Working with new and exciting technologies

When Google launched its Oculus Rift, we were one of the first organisations they shared it with. Why? Because they knew that some of the brightest minds in technology would experiment with it and they value our feedback. This is just one of countless examples. We’re always trying new tech and seeking to understand how it can be applied to better serve our clients.

  • Opportunity to travel

NashTech is a global brand. With offices across UK, , Asia and America client projects running around the world, for those who love to travel, it’s the perfect opportunity to mix work with your passion.

  • Career development

As previously mentioned, we place a strong emphasis on developing our employees. There are huge opportunities to grow and develop your career across all divisions of NashTech. We recognise and reward ambition.

  • Opportunity to make a difference

We are fortunate to work with many amazing companies, developing software solutions that make a difference and improve the lives of people around the world.

Here’s a short video we created to show you what it’s like to work at NashTech:

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