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6 tips to sharpen a Business Analyst’s communication skills

June 5, 2020

Communication is an important factor that helps Business Analysts share information with each other, and improve the efficiency of work. At first, talking to people may seem like a simple and natural thing to do, but communication is actually a complex process to get people understand you in the right way.

Today, Ms. Ha Trinh and Mr. Ngoc Phan, who clearly understand the art of communication, will share us 6 useful tips for a Business Analyst to communicate effectively. 

  • Define goals and expectations

    A Business Analyst needs to deliver clear, achievable goals to both internal teams and clients, so you must outline exactly what is required on any given project. It is essential to speak plainly and politely to get your message across clearly without causing any confusion or offence.

  • Face-to-face conversation

    If there are ambiguities between members, you should propose a live meeting or video call and invite all involved people to join in. It’s much better to initiate a direct interaction with your team rather than to chat / email or merely exchange documents.

  • Write / draw down new ideas

    Once you’ve created your message, you’ll need to ensure it’s delivered in the best possible format. While face-to-face communication is usually the best way to build trust with employees, it is not the only option. Writing/drawing is extremely effective since it helps people understand each other more easily than just talking. If you need to present a complex problem to the customer, quickly draw a mock-up or diagram to make it easier to express yourself.

  • Listen and show empathy

    Listening shows respect and allows you to learn about any outstanding issues you may need to address as an employer. When people are enabled to openly communicate ideas without fear of ridicule or retribution, they are more likely to bring their ideas to the table. Sometimes, when the discussion is getting tense and or is being quite hotly debated, people are likely to be overwhelmed by their personal ego and anger. In this case, you should stay calm, show empathy to the audience, and clarify you ideas again.

  • Use appropriate words

    You must have extensive vocabulary and different registers of speech (tone or style of speech) in order to say the same thing in various ways. For instance, The way you talk to your client will be, for sure, more formal than talking to your best friends.

  • Cultivate a good relationship with teammates

    Greeting, joining team building activities, asking about each other’s wellbeing and day to day lives are simple yet very effective way in creating effective communication. By implementing effective strategies to boost communication, you will be able to build an effective team. Good communication builds a positive company culture and maintains a positive work environment. When people are happy and cooperative, communication will become a lot easier.

NashTech’s Business Analysts

Ngoc said:

All of the Business Analysts in NashTech, who I have the opportunity to work with, are extremely good at their expertise. Although their background is either technical or business, they are trying hard to perfect their communication skills.

In addition, Ha Trinh shared that:

At NashTech, English is very important as you’ll be required to work directly with foreign clients. Discussing ideas, reading English documents, receiving and sending emails are just a few to mention. Having good command of English not only allows you to clearly convey project plans and other key business communications to everyone, it also gives you the chance to work abroad.

If you are an excellent communicator, and you like to experience on-site opportunities, NashTech is meant for you. Join us today!