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Career roadmap for a Software Engineer at NashTech, what you need to know?

May 9, 2020

As one of the leading companies in the IT field, we have a clear vision: to make NashTech a great place to work. As such, since its establishment, NashTech has become a go-to destination for over 1,600 software engineers through our development centers in Vietnam, pursuing the highest levels of integrity and quality in providing a unique portfolio of services.

But, have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as a Software Engineer and the career roadmap for this job at NashTech?

First of all, to get an overview of the career pathway for a Nasher (what we fondly call our employees), specifically a Software Engineer, we should get to know the job thoroughly. In general, Software Engineers can be understood as computer science professionals that design and develop software products, which can be interpreted in simple terms as: architecting, implementing, testing, and maintaining computer programs.

As such, this role comprises of a variety of tasks depending on the specific positions and job requirements. Taking a Software Engineer in Microsoft .NET for example, their responsibilities involve developing and writing software programs in compliance with established coding quality standards as well as running through all the tests. Furthermore, for higher positions, troubleshooting and providing solutions are also required.

So, what about career development roadmap for a Software Engineer at NashTech?

Standard Pathway – Technical Career Path

A standard pathway for a Software Engineer will focus on the technical side. This technical career path allows employee to grow and develop to become a Senior Software Engineer, Technical or Team Lead, Technical Architect and then Solution Architect respectively.

Management Career Path

However, if an employee has the aspiration to follow the management path rather than the technical direction, it is also possible at NashTech. Although this career path comprises of different categories and lines in it, the core value is to focus on project management or line management.

Different Competencies Path

At NashTech, we’re keen on nurturing employees’ passion as well as empowering them to grow independently and freely. If a Software Engineer decides to develop out of the box rather than following the usual pathway and wishes to become, let’s say, a Quality Control Engineer or Business Analyst, this could also be acceptable. There will be requirements with this case for employees to bear in mind and achieve before the switch can be taken place. For example, the position they wish to change to needs to be available at that time and employee needs to pass several certain tests, etc.

In general, no matter which direction Nashers would like to go with, NashTech will always be there to support them to grow personally and professionally. At NashTech, we offer a myriad of training courses for both technical and soft skills. These courses vary from leadership to English courses, from technical to other academic and professional courses that act as a significant resource for the growth of all Nashers.

Since 2000, throughout almost two decades in Vietnam, NashTech has always striven to become the second home for thousands of software engineers, because for us, our Talent are extremely important. That’s why we want to assure that Nashers can grow the best way that they can and a flexible career roadmap for every employee is a key point that is taken into account.