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Challenge yourself at the largest technology company in Vietnam – Why not?

May 1, 2018

Leaving college lectures, young people begin to embark on the path to assert themselves and pursue dreams and ambitions. However, they will face difficulties that only those who dare to commit themselves fully will be successful. Do you dare to challenge yourself in one of the leading technology companies in Vietnam? If the answer is “Yes”, we invite you to NashTech. 


Do you have the courage to face “global” projects? 

Forget about group assignments with theoretical topics. Come to NashTech and you will be directly involved in large-scale projects with dedicated experts, like yourself, from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to find solutions to difficult business problems. 


Forget midterm exams; NashTech projects are important exams that you must constantly take. Your expertise and soft skills are the criteria for evaluating your ability to overcome challenges. “Float by” does not do it for you. 


Feeling the pressure? Sure. Then what will you get at NashTech? 


The global partners at NashTech will be great companions and will always stand shoulder to shoulder with you to find the answers to problems. Gaining more than just knowledge, you will be trained for team coordination, multi-dimensional thinking, problem solving, to name a few, which are valuable assets for your journey. In addition, you will absorb the secrets of how different cultures solve the same problems and that will be especially useful in the context of the world as it becoming more connected. 


Being involved in global projects means that you will have access to the most comprehensive information and practical knowledge. What better way to get to know the most modern technologies and their application across many different areas of the world? With more than 20 years of experience in providing consultancy and technology solutions to global partners; such as Google, Ford, Nestle, NashTech has the potential to be a huge “library” for you. The information is endless. 


Are you determined to leave your “safe zone”? 

Young professionals will definitely pass, so why should you keep yourself in the “safe area”? Go ahead and courageously embrace the challenge and live up to the passion and enthusiasm of your youth and do not be afraid of being wrong. If Bill Gates were afraid of being wrong, there would not be a Windows platform. If Steve Jobs just wanted to live “safe”, then there will be no Apple brand. NashTech believes that you can only move forward if you understand your mistakes. Every once in a while, you will learn valuable experience. Every once in a while, you become more mature and stronger. Every once in a while, you will be stronger and more confident. 



The privilege of youth is allowing themselves to be daring, and “do it wrong to make it right”. Therefore,  the staff at NashTech is always encouraged to keep pushing and challenging themselves to do their best and create opportunities for themselves. By leaving your “comfort zone”, you will realize that the sky is the limit. 


Become the best version of yourself – Why not? 

NashTech understands that it is the partners and employees who are the sailors steering NashTech to success. Therefore, the company always follows the philosophy of “focus on people” and always strives to create opportunities for their employees. 


Come to NashTech, you will participate in training and working with many colleagues from countries around the world. You will be in touch with so many different cultures that will broaden your horizons and network. In addition, the classes and sports tournaments organized by NashTech will help you to have the strength to be on the path to pursue your passion. 


What are you waiting for? Join NashTech today at