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How to make a good impression in a face-to-face interview

August 6, 2020

After submitting your impressive CV to NashTech in line with our guide from the previous post, it’s time for the preparation of your in-person interview.

Overloading yourself with dozens of tips on the internet doesn’t mean covering all the bases! Believe it or not, you may have unknowingly fallen into some stereotypical traps of this sometimes-stressful process.

Here we shed light on 4 false assumptions about the face-to-face interview that candidates commonly have. 

1. Arriving at dawn, dressing to the nines

Appearing too early can put pressure on the interviewers to rearrange their existing obligations (or just let you sit there awkwardly by yourself!). Show up to the location as early as you need to, but only walk in through the front door 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled time 

Forget the stuffy suits, the dry-cleaning appointments, the high heels, and tight collars. Overly formal attire only makes you feel uncomfortable and look out of place. Be yourself and bring your best smart casual clothes to the interview. 

2. Poor communication means disqualification 

Don’t be stressed about whether you’re a good talker. You can show your confidence for the job in many ways. Convey your ideas fluently and maintain a good pace of speech just as you would in a normal conversation. A firm handshake, smile, eye contact and positive responses make a great impression. Fidgeting may distract the interviewer and make them think you are not paying attention. Try to relax, find a pleasant seated position, breathe and sit relatively still. 

At NashTech, we encourage Nashers – our beloved employees to communicate their ideas openly Anyone who shares the same mind is always welcomed here. Thus, comfortably expressing yourself while being honest will be a plus for your interview. 

3. Interview is a one-way street 

As the workplace becomes more balanced and equal, you should develop a mutual respect with the recruiters. Contrary to common belief, a job interview is actually a two-way street that should allow both you and the employer to decide if you are the right fit for the role.  

Give the recruiters the impression of being proactive by exuding a positive, can-do attitude throughout your interview. Try not to be blank at the end, ask questions, be it on your profile, about the company, pay working hours, etc. 

4. Patiently wait for the result 

It’s easy to leave the room, let out a sigh of relief and simply wait for your prospective employer to call. However, it’s good to stay on the employer’s radar. Sending a follow-up note or email can create a long-lasting impression to the recruiters. Keep the appreciation be brief, friendly and conversational. 

Here’s a bonus tip from our recruitment experts: 

Bring a notebook 

With the notebook-pen combo, you can jot down any questions you’ve developed, important facts and figures, or information you are given while at your interview. Best of all, the notebook signifies that you come well-prepared and ready to jump at the chance!