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Technology and Creativity in this Digital Era – An inseparable relationship

October 8, 2018

It is commonly known that “creativity” and “technology” are two opposing and unrelated categories. Technology is seen as the product of the left brain, which determines the logic of a human being; on the other hand hand, the right brain with the ability to control emotional thinking is the “home” of creativity. Yet, two things like “strangers” are a “pair of friends”. GenK had a short talk with Mr. Nguyen Hung Cuong, Managing Director – NashTech Vietnam, about this relationship. 

Cuong Nguyen, Managing Director Vietnam

Managing Director – Vietnam

GenK: As the operator of one of the leading technology groups in Vietnam, what do you think about the link between “creativity” and “technology”? 

Mr. Cuong: In my own experiences, I think these are two elements that are never separated. More specifically, technology will not exist without creativity, and creativity will disappear without the support of technology. 


GenK: Could you please share more? 

Mr. Cuong: In other words, if you do not think creatively, you will not be able to create modern technologies to serve your life. My simple example of this, without the creativity of Steve Jobs, the world will most likely not know the technology breakthroughs today. 


On the contrary, without the technological research that underpins development, creativity will not be able to reach beyond its current limit. If you are a techie, I believe you know Elon Musk. Lacking research in technology , Elon would have found it very difficult to realise his creation. 


GenK: What is the relationship of creativity and technology at NashTech? 

Mr. Cuong: At NashTech, we value the creativity of each and every individual. In particular, we regularly organize activities, and build a creative work environment. We understand that creativity will help to create and perfect our technology solutions. 


In addition, NashTech’s up-to-date technology supports creativity. The A / B testing process, for example, limits the risks and costs of testing new solutions, thereby reducing the pressure on the process of creation. At the same time, AR / VR technology (Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality) facilitates us to develop our imagination and experience our accomplishments. 



GenK: You mention the importance of engaging creativity and technology. Could you explain more? 

Mr. Cuong: In today’s digital era, in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, all physical, technical, biological and scientific barriers are gradually eradicated. Everything we know is entering a period of dramatic change. Therefore, if employees only maintain their old way of thinking, the only future for them is to lag behind. 


In order to move forward, and even become a leader, the only solution is to break free of existing stereotypes, innovate and create your own values. Technology is growing, and we need to take advantage of it to maximize creativity. 


GenK: Thanks for sharing your thoughtshope that NashTech continues to thrive with its creative and innovative solutions! 

Mr. Cuong: Thanks GenK! 



NashTech is a global software services provider specializing in application development, cloud services, digital platform development, systems analysis and integration. With more than 2,000 employees worldwide, NashTech provides software solutions and business process outsourcing services to leading businesses, governments and organizations. 


Selected by Vinasa as the second largest technology company in Vietnam in 2016, NashTech, part of the Harvey Nash Group plc, is one of the most desirable working places for programmers. 


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