What makes our day? Uncovering the typical working lives of our Nashers

September 15, 2020

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at NashTech – one of the leading IT companies in Vietnam? What does a typical working day look like here? Will it be intense or relaxing?

Today, let’s explore the typical working day of several people who hold different positions at NashTech – from Software Engineer to Project Manager.

Cuong NH – Associate Software Engineer


The day for Cuong NH starts early in the morning. He usually reaches the office approximately 15-30 minutes before his working day starts to spend some spare time reading newspapers and technology articles to enhance his knowledge.
At 9am, Cuong has a short daily meeting with the project team members to update the tasks’ status and raise any issues or concerns. Usually, before starting any new sprint, Cuong and other team members will need to sit down and review the previous sprint, analyze what went well and what went wrong in order to perform the tasks better for future sprints.
Normally, every sprint will take up to two days to get all the requirements sorted from the Business Analyst. Later on, the developer team will estimate the timeline to deliver each of these requirements. But today, Cuong’s main focus will be his pending tasks.

At noon, after having lunch and a quick nap, Cuong is full of energy and ready to get back to his tasks. There are still some bugs left from the feature last week which are still hanging on the Jira board. So once Cuong finishes his checklist for today, he will try to resolve these bugs by performing deep research on Google and Stackoverflow, as well as seeking support from his teammates, especially from the seniors of the project.

It is 4pm now and the Jira board is mostly empty for the day. After a successful day so far, Cuong decides to have a short break to take a walk around E-town and visit some of his friends in other teams in NashTech.

It’s almost 6pm now and Cuong completed all of his tasks of the day, so he goes around the team to see if anyone needs assistance. But today is an efficient working day and everybody has managed to complete all the tasks perfectly.

This evening, Cuong’s team will have a football match to relax after work so he waits for everybody to leave the office and depart for the field nearby. And after the game, they end up with a round of beer to celebrate a good match.

Cuong’s work may finish at 6pm but not his passion. Right before going to bed, Cuong spends some time daily to learn about new technologies and keeps himself updated about new trends. He does this by reading blogs from other tech enthusiasts and researching several new frameworks that he didn’t have the chance to work in his projects so far.

As all of this goes by, although there might be ups and downs, Mr. Cuong Nguyen always tries his best to keep up the good mood and bring an upbeat atmosphere to his fellow comrades.

Cuong QC – Senior Software Engineer


Cuong Quach kicks off his day by getting to the office at 9am and starts with checking his backlog and selecting the tasks for the day.

Then at 10am, his project has a quick daily standup meeting to update their current tasks, status, and any issues that might need any support from fellows. After this meeting, Cuong will proceed to deliver his tasks and resolve any remaining bugs from the previous day. During this time, he will also help to cross check the code of other team members, especially the junior developers.

At around 2-3pm, Cuong will have a meeting with his client. The purpose of the meeting is to update the client and onshore team about the current status of the project and give additional insight in to the business requirements.

After around 2-3 sprints, Cuong Quach and his team will have a showcase meeting in which the offshore team will deliver all the new big features as well as any suggestions to the clients. You could say that the showcase is one of the biggest days for the team in any project and needs all the members to put 100% of their energy and effort in.

At 4pm, Cuong has normally completed most of his daily tasks, and he would approach any members of his team to support the issues that he or she had raised in the morning. But today the task went more smoothly than anyone in the team has expected, so they decided to chair a short meeting to share the technical knowledge and experience that they have accumulated during this sprint.

Since each member has tasks and features that they handle individually, sometimes there are issues and bugs that others would not be aware of and a meeting like this is the opportunity to help prevent others from being stuck from that same issue in the future, thus, saving time in the long run. With busy workloads, Cuong rarely talks and complains. For him, he would rather just do it and then show it, because actions speak louder than words.

At 6pm, Cuong usually spends time providing insights and contributions to the open source community. He goes up to the open source projects and library, fixes their bugs, and provides alternative solutions for further discussion. Then he will program the plugin and help publish it with an open source license.

Cuong Quach’s day ends when he feels that he has contributed part of his work to others. This might it be to his team members, or the IT community, because that is where he developed many of his skills, and that will be where the next generation of software engineers will grow too.

Cuong NC – Project Manager


Cuong NC’s day starts quite early. He usually wakes up at 5:30am for his daily gym workout activity, which normally takes him an hour for a full pump and cardio workout.

At 7am, Cuong drives his children to school. Once his kids are set and ready at their school, Cuong returns home and enjoys a rare peaceful moment. He sips a cup of coffee and opens his mail and messaging apps to answer any urgent request from the clients, which might have just popped up last night and being tagged as urgent. He prides himself on going the extra mile for his clients.

At around 9am, it is officially time for work. By this time, Cuong has usually already checked all mails, and is ready to complete some ad hoc tasks. After careful planning and setting priorities for each of the issues or tasks for the day, Cuong heads toward the meeting room for the daily project meetings. Some days Cuong won’t be out of the meeting room until lunch. That is because at his level of seniority, he is supporting three teams simultaneously and therefore, he must pay attention to each team with the utmost focus.

In the afternoon at 1pm, Cuong is usually saving an hour to resolve the difficult and challenging tasks that need to be addressed separately. After that, when his team is focusing on their on-hands tasks, Cuong is taking the time to walk around to see if any of his team members need any support. He also takes this opportunity to get to know more about his team members, not just the status of their work, but their personal circumstances too.

Later in the afternoon Cuong will go to meet with other NashTech Project Manager’s, because for him, the best and most efficient way to grow is to learn from the best and not just from his Manager, but from other colleagues and among his own team members too. This is also a way to keep up the team spirit, reminding him, and others, that they are all a family, and family takes care of each other.

Cuong wants to create a nice, friendly and supportive atmosphere for his teams, where there is no disconnect between them and anyone can share anything with anyone, even with him.

5pm is the time for the daily report with the client which takes around an hour to complete the reporting and updates.

At 6pm, once work is done, and no urgent tasks are raised, Cuong goes home to his family. Sometimes, he will go and relax with NashTech’s badminton team to unwind after a long working day. Relaxing and unwinding is Cuong’s top tip for a healthy and balanced life.

Finally, at the end of the day, after spending time with his family, Cuong spends some more time on improving himself. Lately, he has been focusing on book reading, although learning from others is the good way to grow but learning by yourself is also another method that Cuong is pursuing.

This is an insight in to the lives of just some of our amazing Nashers. There are so many different Cuong(s) working here and staying under the same roof. Their lives may differ from each other, but they interconnect and contribute to the one family that they are working at – NashTech.